Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh, it's you again!

Thanks for coming back

Do you mind me asking...why do you keep coming back? I guess I want to know what type of posts you like or even which specific posts you like.

So, if you've got...oh, I don't know...3-4 hours to kill, could you read through my 124 posts and let me know what your favorites are?

What? You don't have that long? Okay...I'll give you a head start.

Below is a sampling. I'd love to hear your picks for my "best" posts. Whether is funny, helpful or oh, so relate-able I really appreciate your opinion.

A little slice of daily life:
Been there, done that
Deja Vu
Barely a "bog-wothy" day
Our secret recipe
The other side of the camera
Tag! I'm it!

The silly things kids (mine specifically) do and say:
Who's who?
Another Who's who?
Silly boys!

So relate-able:
In my defense
3 Me Mornings
"Not me!" Monday
Another "Not me!" Monday

Some quick and easy tips:
Random Tip #74
Tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. Oh, my!

I've even had a few serious posts:
Why adoption? Why China?
Bags, farmers and worms...oh, my!

If you've got the time, I'd love to hear your thoughts on some of my posts. Which is your favorite? Any of the above or even one I haven't mentioned...

And thank you. For coming back... And your comments...


  1. As you already know, I've been reading your posts since the day I became your follower. I keep coming back 'cos I love, love your blog and it's kinda hard to pick any specific fav 'cos they're all different but fantastic!
    I hope that answers your question!!

  2. Wow, I've been up all night reading these...I'm so tired! hee hee! I can't even remember exactly what sucked me in {your adorable boys} but I just keep coming back! Your blog design was so cute and original...let's start there! I knew you were going to be fun! You're so witty and can always make us laugh, even on a serious post :)

    I love the who's who, and the pictures of you and the boys! And you are a sweet, loyal commenter :) Glad I found you!

  3. Just looked at your Why China and you so correct your little girl is created just for you and your family.

  4. Hi my friend!!

    Honestly..I like all of them. Do you know why I keep coming back? Because everything you write is interesting to me..whether it be serious or funny! Okay, I know that totally didn't help!! LOL

  5. My favorite posts are the story of you and your hubby.
    But, why do I keep coming back? Well, it's not any specific type of post. It's you. I like the way you talk about your children, your husband, your daughter :), your "mom" a/k/a mother nature. I like that you DO keep it real. You also give me good ideas that I can adopt for my own life...dryer balls, teacher gifts...
    What can I say? I just like ya'!

  6. im not in the "reading" mood.. i actually didn't make it past sentence 3 or 4 on this post.. BUT i think i get the gist.. i come to ur blog to read about funny stories of the kids, cool little projects/events you have going on in ur life, some more recycling ideas, to hear you vent, to see pics.. idk, just to see what u r up to. ;)

  7. Here's how it is for me... I first saw a comment you made on MckMama's blog, and your blog name intrigued me, I sensed a sense of humor about you, and I had to check it out.

    I came to your blog, and I've been coming here almost daily ever since. What attracts me to your blog is simple. YOU. I love your sense of humor, your writing style, your ethics, your enthusiasm, your boys, your personality, and your healthy sense of haha. I love that you're considering adoption, I love that you live in California, I just love it here. Not to mention the fact that you're a fabulous mom -- that inspires me.

    Provided you keep being you (who the heck else would you wanna be anyway, right?), I'll keep coming here! You're one of the very first blogs I started to follow, and one of the first blog buttons I added to my blog!! (Thanks for adding mine, you're the first!)

    One of these days, I'll be able to say "I knew her when...." Ha ha!

    Love ya!

  8. I have exactly 37.5 seconds before I have to walk out the door, but I come back for a mix of everything. I prefer blogs that aren't all one thing or another, just a mixed bag, like life!

  9. You know, honestly, when I went back and read your sampling of different posts, I realized that I love them all... and for different reasons! And I swear I'm not just avoiding the question.

    I love your daily life posts because I appreciate being able to know that much more about you... and feel like our blog friendship grows with each post! I love your kid posts because kids are dang funny and you're a great storyteller. I love your 'other side of the camera' posts because it gives me a visual peek into your life! And I love your serious posts because they're so inspirational... not to mention that's what brought me here.

    Basically, I love all the different little snippets that you put up here.... so keep it up, missy!

  10. Carey,

    First I wanted to say I am so sorry that I didn't email you before...we got your stuff and have been using it all. Thanks. Also, I come back because your are so entertaining and a good writer. I love your Who's who posts. So cute to hear about the boys and what they are up too.

  11. This is hilarious. This is what, my second, third time by your blog, and I feel like I'm getting a personal welcome! I have no idea what I like about your blog yet...but I'll let you know as I keep reading!

  12. Cause you are real and your caring comes across through your blog.
    Thank you!

  13. I keep coming back because you are witty, clever and funny. I like your writing style. I couldn't pick a favorite post or topic because it's the variety that makes it so interesting. Each day I wonder what you will do. I also love reading about the adventures of you and your kids. Keep up the good work!

  14. I just like to stop and visit cause you seem like someone I would like to have a coffee with IRL :) I like your funny stories, and all the things you and your family do :)

  15. Aren't you paying us to keep coming back?
    No? Are you sure? I guess it's because we like you then!

    I've been trying to do this too. I ask Daddy for help, but his response is always, 'I don't know I like them all. I can't single out particular ones'. I'm starting to think he really doesn't read my blog at all. I'm running late, but will be back this evening to read all your suggestions and give you my 2 cents! or 3 or 4 or 5!

  16. Well..I come back because I am following your blog. Whenever I get that message..I come check out whats going on over here..and then laugh..because I remember those days<---thats plural! I am sure I will be back too..

  17. Oh geez, do I really have to pick? I love all of your reads. Honestly, I do.


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