Friday, February 20, 2009

In my defense...

I'm slowly going insane. In my defense, this is what I deal with daily from my sons:

Regarding drinks:
Jack pitches a fit saying, "I want cold hot chocolate!"

When at home in the middle of the night:
The crying sleep-deprived Logan says, "I wanna go home!"
To which I groggily reply, "We are home."
"But I wannaaaaaa go home!"

Regarding dinner:
One boy says, "I want pasta for dinner."
The other says, "No, I want noodles."

Regarding potty training:
"I'm not going pee pee EVER!,"according to Logan

Regarding clothes:
I say, "Jack you had a hard time getting dressed this morning. Let's go ahead and set out your clothes for tomorrow. What do you want to wear?"
"Jeans!" says Jack.
"Um...well, you pitched a fit this morning about jeans. You said you hated them. So what should you wear tomorrow?"
"Well, okay." I say with a deep sigh. "Which jeans?"
"The same ones from this morning."
"The exact same ones that you hated this morning because they hurt you all over?"

When eating out:
"I want a burger. But with no meat.," per Jack

I mean really! Are you boys kidding me?!?!?!?!


  1. Heheeee. How is it this sounds so familiar !! Are you sure you're not posting about my family!

  2. OMGosh, I sooooo hear these sort of things daily too....I guess that's why I am slowly going crazy LOL If you can't beat them...

  3. Love it! Makes me not feel so alone in this crazy kid world.

  4. Oh My! Now those are funny!!! Pasta, noodles, pasta, noodles. I am seriously laughing out loud here.

  5. That was such a funny post. Everytime I start putting my clothes on Will runs up to me and says "Daddy I whanna go hooooome" Same thing I guess. I will never get that.

    Love and Prayers,


  6. Hi to a fellow Mifan Mommy!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your posts are cracking me up. Now that my son is finally talking, I think I will be hearing more and more stuff like this!!! At least you know enough to just laugh about it!

  7. Hey fellow Mifan Mommy. Thanks for stopping by our family blog. I wanted to stop by yours as well and get to know some other mommies, great idea by the way.

    MeDenne Jones

  8. Hey my Mama Blogger Amazing Race contestant-- there's an award for you on my blog!

  9. But just look at 'em up in that picture. It's worth every bit of it. Now you need to throw a few of those contradictions back at them and see how they react! Of course, it will probably make perfect sense to them, lol. :)

  10. The joy of boys, eh? I couldn't help but giggle. I imagine I'll be in your shoes sonner or later. My Logan is non-verbal, but his little brother more than makes up for it. Just one difference. Levi's is a broken record. Cause you know, I need to hear the same word at least a dozen times... Gotta love 'em to pieces!


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