Thursday, November 15, 2012

Phony Photos

Just a recap of the last month in pics from my phone...

1. Camping with my cub scouts at the zoo  2. the ballerinas ready for dance class  3. Jack reading to me  4. Bri getting a snuggle on a windy fall day at school  5.still warm enough for flowers  6. Jack has become obsessed with reading  7. And handball  8. squeeze in and say 'cheese'  9. Des and Mama

1. & 2. Logan at the beach  3. & 4. Jack at the beach

1. The girls at our own private beach cove  2. the fisheye shell  3. don't mind us  4. hanging out

1. Jack, the bat  2. Logan, the cheetah  3. And their ballerina sisters head out to trick-or-treat  4. Finally a lazy weekday  5. Logan sleeps and Jack reads  6.  The queen of the castle (AKA Mama) and Des  7. Out to dinner with Jack and Des  8. And Bri and Logan  9. Des and Logan getting their morning exercise with the whole elementary school