Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Told me that he knew who he was going to marry and was given half of a heart pendant necklace...apparently Cameron has the other half...
  • Has an invisible friend (to which I thought "oh, how creative and imaginative!") and when asked the friend's name, he said, "Jack!" (to which I thought "so much for creativity!")
  • Frequently starts off his morning telling me "today is not going to be the best day ever!"

Which little love bug:
  • When I told him we were going someplace new and I'd have to leave him for a little bit but his brother would be with him so not to be nervous said, "I'm not nervous. I'm fabulous!"
  • Said "One day I'll be your age. And I'll drink soda."
  • Frequently tells me "today could be the best day ever!"

Which brothers actually feel asleep in the middle of the afternoon like this?: