Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kill him with kindness & The other side of the camera

Kill Him With Kindness

Today I worked at the boys' school which means that we can not be late. Jack was having a rough morning but we were in the home stretch. Just socks and shoes and out to the car. But, of course, there was some sort of meltdown regarding these final tasks before leaving. So I did what I always do...I told him that I was going to leave without him.

You've said this to your kids, right? I'm not the only heartless mama threatening to abandon her kids when the going gets tough and well, when it's time to go. Right?

I knew the day would come. And today was the day...

Jack called my bluff.

"Jack, come here and let me put your shoes on or you are staying here while Logan and I go to school!"

"That's okay. I'll stay."

"I mean it...I'm leaving and you will be home all by yourself," I said sternly.


"Logan, head out to the car. Your brother isn't coming with us."

"Bye Logan!"

"Jack, we'll be gone for...about 5 hours. That's a really long time." I'm still all business at this point.


"I mean a really, really long time. Like 3 movies long."


"Don't go poop while I'm gone, okay? Because I won't be here to wipe you."


"And you might get hungry while I'm gone but the food is hard to reach so you'll just have to wait...5 hours before you can eat."


"And don't forget to put yourself down for a nap."

"All right."

"I'm really leaving."

"Bye Mama!" what?

"Ummm...Marley will be in the backyard in case there is a problem."


"But dogs can't really help out too much so you are really on your own."

"Okay Mama."

At this point, I shut and locked the sliding glass door. I was outside heading to the car and Jack was on the other side looking like he had not a care in the world. He happily waved at me.

I opened the car and put my bag in. I climbed in and buckled up Logan. I opened the garage door. I snuck a peek back at the sliding glass door. Jack was sitting on the sofa playing with some Lego people.

Tough love was not working. Hmmm...what's a mama to do?

I headed back to the house and opened the door. I decided to try the old softie approach.

"Jack, I'm going to miss you today. Won't you please come with us?," I said in a sweet sing-song voice.

"Nope...I'm going to stay here."

At that point, I took a deep sigh entered the house and began doing what any defeated self-respecting mama would do. I killed him with kindness...I tickled him. I smothered him with kisses. He was laughing so hard that I was able to pick up his socks and shoes, tuck him under my arm, turn on the alarm and lock up the house.

Once in the car and finally on our way, Jack told me the reason he was going to stay at home today.

"I didn't think you could handle two of us."


"The two of us boys. I didn't think you could handle both boys today."

"Oh, gee. Thanks, I guess."

The Other Side of the Camera - Dessert

Part 2 of this post is my weekly pic with the boys as part of Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans's challenge.
Forever In Blue Jeans

These are kind of random photos but it was kind of a random night. After dinner the boys went out to run an errand with Scott. It was getting late when they got back so I quickly got them in PJs and told them they could have a little dessert on my bed. (Of course, I decided if they were in PJs I wanted to be too.)

Here they are having strawberries, bananas, whipped cream and a couple mini chocolate chips.
"Jack, how about a little bite for your mama?"
"Lady, quit looking at my dessert!"
Notice they neither of them would look at the camera. They were a bit preoccupied, I guess.


  1. Oh my gosh, Carey!! That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL, he was doing you a favor by staying home! Hahahahaha!!!

    Love the pic of you and your boys eating in your room! I did that w/ my son when we were home all weekend by ourselves. Except it wasn't ice cream, we were eating Taco Bell! can gag now! LOL!

  2. I found myself nodding in understanding the whole time you described Jack calling your bluff... I've so been there, wrote about having actually left Josh at home, except it's not being he was insisting on staying, it was because he was incessantly ignoring me when I instructed him to leave the house NOW.

    The part where he explained why he was staying, though, that just killed me. I roared. What a precious, hilarious, blog-worthy memory. You'll be telling him that one many, many times over the years. Particularly someday, when he is the proud father of two lil' boys, eh? :o)

  3. you have some of the CUTEST kids ever! I got your email but here's the thing I am swamped so while it is in the to be answered pile my brain cannot fathom thinking that hard or deep right now. I am formulating a reply in my head...:) I do have a post for summer survival though. I am not completely lame I promise!

  4. I've left my 8 year old behind. Got in the car and pulled away! It didn't help. It taught no lesson. He's still impossible to get out the door in the morning. Is that cream of tartar theey are eating?

  5. I love it! Your kids are so cute. To think of him calling your bluff. I have threatened and all it usually takes is walking out the door and getting tin the car.

    I love the pictures of you and the kids enjoying your dessert too.

  6. {Carmom is my in-real-life friend! Hi! Why aren't you commenting on my blog?! ha hha!}

    Oh yeah...back to your blog! Boy, he knows his mama too well...Ha ha! Luckily, that has always worked for me and the kids come running! Yesterday I went outside {to find rocks for the stray turtle and show our neighbor...} and Alex was in his room. When I came back in about 10-15 minutes later he was crying and saying "Why did you leave me?" really worked! LOL...kidding!

    Love your pics...they are so sweet!!!

  7. This is the best story. My youngest called my bluff the other day too. Same situation. He politely told me "no thanks" about going with us. I didn't kill him with kindess to get him out the door though. I finally just had to drag him out. Should have tried the kindness. :)

  8. That is so funny!

    My son would have probably done the same thing.

    Cute pictures as well. Where was your strawberries and bananas with whipped cream?

  9. LOL! We left Hanna alone recently for a few minutes while we went down the street to pick up dinner. She's nine, but still didn't make it long. She ended up calling my cell because she "missed me" and we talked until we pulled back in the driveway. Daddy felt terrible even though I reassured him she was fine and broke numerous traffic laws getting back to the house.

  10. Blogged over from Carin's; just love this meme! Your first conversation had me in stitches! My boys have never gotten that far, but I commend you with how you handled it! I probably would have started yelling!! So kudos to you...and your missin mom pics are great! And what a fun memory that will be. The desserts sounded yummy! Whip cream always makes everything taste better!

  11. No, not the only one who has told their kids, Asta La Vista Baby, I am outta here.
    The look on your little one's face about the dessert is priceless.

  12. It's too bad that it's illegal and dangerous to ACTUALLY leave him it once, and I think he'd change his mind!

  13. I love a mom that will let her kids eat in bed...those that don't, just don't know what they are missing!

    Fun pictures!!!

  14. Oh my word...he got you and was not leaving. you were a good mom and hamdled it awesome! Love those fun pictures of you three. Those fruit sundaes look delish. I love whip cream and bananas

  15. LOL!! I was cracking up at Jack's last comment. That sounds like something my 2nd child would say. So thoughtful!

  16. I have so totally threatened to leave my kids. Sometimes they don't care. I wish I didn't care either.

    Love the pictures of your boys totally enthralled with their dessert. Duh! Mini chocolate chips!!!

  17. Yeah! You are my kind of mama. I wouldnt take my eyes of my dessert either.....nice pictures

  18. Your kids are sooo cute and this post is hilarious!!

  19. Oh what a story!! Oh you make me laugh! So adorable. Great picture of you and the boys having dessert, such a good mom.

    Oh, I've never done the "I'm leaving without you". But my favorite is "if you don't pick your stuff up I'm throwing it away". I set the timer and whatever isn't picked up I threaten to throw away. One time they left about 15 toys on the ground. I came in with a trash bag. My oldest was absolutely sobbing (he had a precious toy in there). I decided to just put it in the garage for two weeks. They do good cleaning now =)

    Great pictures again!

  20. hahaha, that is classic- Jack cracks me up- he is so considerate!!! :-)

  21. Desserts are well protected around our house, too. Fun pictures!

  22. I loved this post! You are such a nice Momma. The last time my little darling and I had this conversation (and I do mean last time because this has happened MANY times now), I did not go in and tickle her and be nice. That does not work for me. I had to go back in and threaten no time on the computer. Usually, we don't get to that point because I can scare her enough about strange people coming to the door, etc. I'm horrible, but it works. :)

  23. ROFL!!! LOVED your post! Been there so many times over the years! His commentary/reasoning is hilirous!
    Great pictures! Enjoy the moments. They are precious!

  24. Jack... he was crackin' me up! I love the photos of you and the boys. Especially the last and the way Logan is holding up his spoon and looking at you. So cute!


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