Monday, April 27, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

Last week I was tagged by Shasta at Crackers and Chaos and someone else...I'm so, so sorry but I forgot who. Since it was Earth Week and I couldn't find a way to make all my tag answers 'green' I saved it for this week.

This is a two parter.

Keeping it Real
Here are the rules:
  • Take a picture of yourself right now
  • No primping or preening, just snap the picture
  • Load the picture on to your blog
  • Tag some people to play
Okay people...brace yourself!

This is what I look like after putting two little whirling dervishes cuties to bed. (I typically enjoy an entire bottle glass of champagne after they are finally blissfully asleep!)
What if I told you, that instead of primping and preening, I tried to make myself look worse than normal. What if that's a lie. I guess you'll never know...

The second part is much more fun and not at all scary like above:
8 is Enough!

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
1. Logan being potty trained sometime before he goes to college (hopefully)
2. Camping with my parents and Scott and the boys in June
3. Naptime, naptime, naptime
4. Traveling internationally with the boys
5. Bedtime, bedtime, bedtime
6. Traveling internationally without the boys
7. Being able to sleep in (which means later than 8)
8. Moving to a different (read: nicer) house on a different (read: less busy) street

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Whispered "I love you" to the boys
2. Made cards from Jack and Logan's artwork
3. Complained about how tired I am
4. Kissed a boo-boo
5. Snuck a cookie when the boys weren't looking
6. Blogged
7. Wiped a snotty nose (with my hand and wiped it on my jeans)
8. Drank a bottle glass of champagne

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Cook like my mom
2. Manage money like my dad
3. Fly (like a superhero or a pilot, either would do)
4. Remember things like an elephant
5. Play a guitar like my husband
6. Learn languages easily
7. Spend more time learning about photography
8. Throw a tantrum in a store and have everyone give me exactly what I want

8 Shows I Watch
1. The Amazing Race
2. Oprah (yeah, I said it!)
3. The Motherhood (needs some work but is entertaining)
4. Lost (I'm so confused but I keep watching)
5. Fringe
6. Curious George (PBS) (Notice that the header was 'shows I watch'...not 'shows I like')
7. Toot & Puddle (Noggin) (Same note as #6)
8. Imagination Movers (Disney) (Same note as #6)

Looking for a fun easy post. Then, tag! You're it!


  1. Great post Carey! It really gives people a better idea of who you are. I love tags like this one.


  2. Oh you are so CUTE! still loving your blog:)

  3. LOL! I just love how funny you are :)
    And your picture is're a natural beauty!
    Very fun post!

  4. This is SO funny! My TV Show list is just like that too. What I watch and what I like are totally different : ). I love your picture. You are so pretty and fun! What a great post!

  5. Another great post, you are so fun! How awesome your husband plays the guitar. I hope my youngest is potty trained by college too.

  6. I stumbled onto your blog. Love the tag lets you get to know a person.

  7. Over from SITS.
    What a cute post! Isn't it nice to get a little help when trying to decide what to blog about?!

  8. Love the picture...and the free flowing champagne! You go girl!

  9. Re: Champagne
    1. I can't blame her. There is no way that I could do what she does.
    2. I think she is joking. I hope she joking.
    3. If she's not joking then we should get you some help.
    3a. Help with the kids.
    3b. Help with the drinking. There is nothing wrong with drinking (although, I am a non-drinker), what worries me is that she could be "sneaking" drinks. Try this link:
    3c. Help for communicating a cry for help. Please promise that you will talk to me about real problems before you blog about them. I am always here for you.

  10. Don't worry sweetie. I don't have a drinking problem...I only drink while the boys are napping, after I put them to bed and anytime they fight...oh, no! We might have a problem after all!

    And as for sneaking drinks, now you know why I have so many reusable non-see-through drink bottles!

    Disclaimer: Both the hubby and I are completely kidding. I consume alcohol maybe 3 times a year. Please don't call social services on me!

  11. Please save me a glass of that Great Perrier and Jouet. It sounds like Scott could use a glass too, Lighten Up, Dude!! Either that or a shot of Silver Patron, yummy!!

  12. What a fun post!! Love the pic! ;-) It is nice getting to know a little more about someone!

  13. Hilarious!! I love both tags you did, the picture is great and your 8 totally cracked me up the entire time!

  14. Haha!! You and your hubby are too cute!!!!! look sooooooo cute in your pic!!!!! Love it!

    Oh..and LOL about wiping the snot and wiping it on your jeans!! That's just as gross as me wiping a snot nose w/ MY SHIRT!! Not my snot nose, but my kids! ha!

  15. i wanna play but that would involve me getting off the couch and that is a big NO NO right now.. Frank is outside with Ayden, Gavin is at school and Ethan is on the rug entertaining himself.. ahhhh this is the life!! I'll play tonight tho. =)

  16. This was so fun to read! I am looking forward to bedtime and being able to sleep in (one day). Your picture and description just made me smile.

  17. I totally agree with your things you wish you could do...I wish for those things too. *sigh* Boy I wish a tantrum would work for me. LOL It does sometimes at home with hubby :)

  18. First off, I'm usually a lurker on blogs. Love to read 'em, but terrible at commenting. That being said...I decided it was high time that I told you how much I love reading this! You are a great writer and I always look forward to reading your next post. Keep it up! See you soon!

  19. You crack me up! I'd be right there with you, drinking the bubbly, only I'm still nursing.

  20. That's a fun picture!!

  21. that is surely a funny picture.


  22. I would also love to fly... more like a superhero for me.

    I like your picture! You totally messed up your hair to make it look "tussled and sexy" didn't you?

  23. Haha, love the picture.

    That's basically how I look when I put my kids down. Only I have a bunch of chocolate in my hands instead of the champagne.

  24. You mean you're NOT supposed to drink at nap time, dinner time, bed time, Yo Gabba Gabba time, lunch time, etc? Uh oh.

    And you watch The Amazing Race??? Really? Me too! (Sorry, it's after midnight for me and that's really lame but I just couldn't stop myself.)

  25. When did you start drinking champagne and why didn't we do that in college?? Love the eco blogs. Not doing the no toilet paper one, though. And, you are making me realize how few pictures there really are of me. :)

  26. being the thief I am I am stealing you idea, it is a great usual.
    The Champagne looks goo, might try that to..


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