Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barely a "bog-wothy" day...

Weekends are funny for us. Usually the best laid and most exciting plans lead to disaster. But if we try to be mellow and stay around the house...bigger disaster.

Today we made it out of the house but kept it simple.

Our first stop was Best Buy. I've been thinking about getting a netbook but haven't seen one in person so I wanted to try one out. Best Buy had a couple but they won't be getting my business. They had them spread throughout the computer department so you couldn't easily comparison shop. How stupid is that?

However, I will be spending our upcoming school vacations and maybe all of summer there. Our Best Buy recently started selling musical instruments and they have a whole room dedicated to... DRUMS! Our boys were in heaven! I figure that I can lug in a mini-fridge and microwave from the appliance department and never need to leave the drum room. The boys should be easily entertained for several weeks.

Note to self: Buy earplugs before next school break

Upon leaving the store, I said, "That was great. That might even have been blog-worthy!" To which Jack (not yet 4 years old) said, "Mama, what's bog-wothy mean?" "Uh...nothing dear." I'm figuring it's too soon in his young life to let him know that I'm just keeping him around as fodder for my blog, right?

From there we headed to a park for a picnic and some much needed active and outdoor time on the playground. Jack's new favorite activity is to jump from high things. Luckily he only does this at the park where he can land in soft sand. Today he asked me to climb the rock wall and jump off with him. " thanks, dear." To which he pointed to the airplane overhead and said, "That's higher and you jumped from one of those." Touche.

I should have jumped with him. I'm kind of regretting that I didn't. Instead he got a " thanks, dear." Maybe next week...

So what's a guilty mama to do? Buy the kiddos a popsicle of course!


  1. We are so alike it kills me. My kids always that going on the blog? Duh, of course. If it is embarrasing, funny, or better believe it will end up in bloggy land. They love it though. I so think your day was blog worthy. Stuntman has the same annual pie eating contest shirt. Cute pictures and I love the jumping one.

  2. Carey,

    That drum session was priceless. We just noticed the new drum section in our Best Buy about 3 weeks ago. Too cool. Every little boys dream I guess. Making Noise!!!

    So glad you have been reading about us. Maybe you can become a follower too. We are loving following your blog as well as your family. If its ok with you, I would like to put a link on our blog to yours.

    Take care.

  3. Hi again!! I love your blog, your writing style, your sense of ha ha, and your "keeping it real" moments.

    I have two boys (and a girl), and I'm here to warn you... if you bring those drums home, you may never regain your auditory functions. It's all worth it... I think? What? I didn't hear you...

    I tried to add you to my blog, but I don't know your email address, so I don't know how to send you an invite. :o(

  4. Hey JD,
    Glad to hear from you again...I tried reading your blogs but was denied access. Anyway, my address is carey at lifeinthecarpoollane dot com.


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