Monday, May 11, 2009

Save a mama...well, her sanity at least!

It's coming, people! It's coming fast! And I'm scared...well, terrified actually.

I'm talking about....


See, two summers ago was horrible. Jack was 2 and Logan was 1 and there was no end in sight. I had a hard time filling the days and keeping everyone entertained. Luckily, Jack got an unexpected and last minute spot in a preschool and started that September and things got much better.

Summer 2007: They look deceptively sweet and easy, huh? It's all a ruse...

But last April/May, I started to panic. The boys were a year older and wiser. What was I going to do with them all summer long!?!?

I was so scared that I actually made a spreadsheet: rec center classes, library storytimes, private classes, camps, etc. In the end, I signed them up for one "mommy & me" music class that I could attend with both of them. We had weekly playdates with the kids from preschool. And somehow, we survived.

Summer 2008: Can you see it in their eyes? That's pure mischief.

I can feel the panic starting to rise again. In a mere 3 weeks, school will be over and they'll be mine...all mine again! And with the economy the way it is, they really will be all mine. We're not signing up for a single class, camp or activity. Heaven, help us!

So, I'm going to attempt to start a weekly carnival, Tuesday's Tips for Summer Survival, starting June 2nd. Please say you'll join in! I'm going to get up Mr. Linky and an official TTSS button...the whole works! Please help a mama out!

Next week I'll post more specifics.

I wish I could have a big blowout giveaway (but I've run out of things to give away) to entice you to participate. Just know that your participation is saving this mama's sanity. You wouldn't want me to lose what is left of my feeble mind, now would you? (How's that for laying on a guilt trip?)

Um...and Scott, if you're reading this then you know I need help making a button. Thanks!


  1. You can do it-survive summer, that is. Try to remember that these days will be over way before you can imagine. Soon they will be begging to be left alone while they play by themselves trying to ignore Mom. :)

    And, check out the library activities. They are wonderful!

    Love you!!

  2. LOL- you know our pool is always open. :-) Start putting the boys to work-cooking and cleaning!

  3. As a teacher I am SO ready for Summer break! I wish you luck!!

    Congrats you are a winner of a blog button from the crazy eights giveaway!! Stop by my blog to see how to contact me!!

  4. I am looking forward to a summer survival list because I have no idea what to do with my kids.

    I should go out more but I can be sort of anti-social.

  5. Cheap entertainment for boys-give them a dirt pile my kids play all day in ours, especially if we give them a hose or buckets of water
    yes they will be dirt balls but oh the sanity of busy cheap play is awesome!!

    I'll join in too, a friend just gave me a whole sheaf of papers with stuff to make on the cheap like glitter glue and salt paint stuff

    oh you know I'm in plus check out my other blog pre-school rebels for stuff we are doing I try to keep in updated

  6. I'm in. You don't have to bribe me :)

  7. LOL! I know the feeling...but as the kids get older, it does get easier. I hope I have some tips to play along! Our Mops group has playdates on Wednesdays at the park..that always helps get through the week!

    {You didn't get your hubby a birthday present...and now you want him to make a button? LOL!}

  8. Oh, I am soooo excited about this carnival. I have felt the same way as you. I was dreading spring break this year and then I was pleasantly surprised. It was nice not to have some where to be. I love that you made spreadsheets. Oh, we would really get along. :)

    It is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Read my latest allergy post: True Story Tuesday

  9. As the mother of two sons, I can relate!! I love museums on a hot summer day with the kiddos, and many museums offer one or two days a month free admission. Also, if there are other moms w/boys the same age, Beach and pool days at the community pool or beach is always doubly fun w/another family. I love the library, story time or just browsing the racks for a little while always feels like a treasure hunt. Thanks and Happy Day!

  10. oh boy. Dont remind me! I am babysitting this summer for a friends 4yo daughter who thankfully is a good girl.. but still.. entertaining them will be hectic! Thanks for entering my contest.. send me ur addy so I can send you ur prize.. which has at least one thing I know ull love! yep.. u prolly guessed it! my email is

  11. My best summertime investment was a yearly zoo pass. I could throw the kids in the car with a bag lunch & there was always something to do at the zoo!

    Good luck.

  12. I need help in this area too. 3 that go in 3 different directions is really difficult. Can't wait to see everyones thoughts.

  13. We are trying to save this summer, so no ymca card this year. I look forward to everyone ideas. :)

  14. I'm in! Need all the help we can get here. Not only to entertain the little crowd but I also get to deal with moving my daughter to college. ACK

  15. Carey I emailed you but I might be stuck in your spam filter

  16. ooooh, this sounds like FUN! I've got lots of fun activities (the cheap type!) planned for this summer that I want to post on Monsoon's blog. This will be fabulous!

    (congrats on the prize from Jen's crazy eight's contest - looks like somebody's off the hook for this carnival button)

  17. You are so funny!! I starting to panic a little too but more my hubby because he works from home and phone calls we be very very hard!

  18. I would love to participate in your carnival! As a SAHM to two little ones, we get cabin fever every now and then. It will be great to see what everyone has to say. Great idea!

  19. Yay on your new meme!! Sounds good!!

    I'm excited to see what tips you get from other mommy's!! I can use those too! :)

  20. We have 4 breaks in a year - a week in April, 2 weeks in June, another week in August and about a month in November.

    Maybe that's because we have summer all year round.

  21. This will be fun. I am always on the look out for new ideas to share with the kids. I usually try to do weekly themes during the summer. I look forward to this.

  22. I have a list of kid chores (like wiping down the skirting boards, folding laundry, doing dishes) so when they whine or fight they get a job...we ALL win this way ;)

    When that fails, play doh keeps them happy for hours!

  23. I *live* for the kids' summer vacation, especially when I can be with them and have all kinds of adventures. Sure, it gets crazy and whacky, but it's so much better than rushing them off to school every day, and dealing with the demands of homework, teachers, and school life.

    You'll survive, we'll help keep ya sane!

  24. Hi, I just shared a post from Teaching Tiny Tots. It's a craft/book making activity. My girls are 4.5 and had a great time making it. Hope you visit!!


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