Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The other side of the camera - I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Forever In Blue Jeans

I'm participating in what I think is a really smart weekly challenge hosted by Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans. It seems like mamas spend an awful lot of time behind the camera. The idea of this challenge is for mamas to get on the other side of the camera in at least one photo a week.

When my boys grow up they'll inherit hundreds of thousands of photos taken from their childhood, but how many of those will show their mama? At least for this year I can answer 52!

The boys and I have gotten into a bad habit. After naptime, Logan is a crank. So we usually turn on the TV and cuddle. It takes him a long time to decrankify.

Before we got into this rut we used to go on the local grocery store, the park, the ice cream shop. Sometimes we'd just walk to look for neighborhood cats, smell the flowers, poke some bugs. How I miss that routine...

So yesterday afternoon, when Jack unexpectedly asked if we could go get ice cream, I said "yes!". So what if it was going to be way too close to dinnertime? Ice cream was just the thing to bust us out of our rut.

I headed in to wake Logan from his nap. I whispered "ice cream, ice cream, ice cream" into his ear. Let's just say he woke up in a better mood that usual...

We are lucky enough to live walking distance from 5 or more ice cream/gelato shops (and a mall, tons of restaurants, two grocery stores, a drug store and if I was really desperate, the boys' pedetrician). But I digress... We headed to my favorite ice cream shop...Cold Stone.

Perusing the selection...

"I want them all!"

Not a good pic but at least I'm in it.

This is what Jack looks like when I've caught him eating my ice cream

This is what Jack looks like when I tell him to stop eating my ice cream

With our bellies full of ice cream we headed back home. We smelled the flowers and looked at the bees and jumped over the cracks on the sidewalk.

This my typical view while on a walk...the back of Jack and Logan as they run ahead. (Don't you just love that purple jacaranda tree?)

Our rut was successfully broken!


  1. That would not be good for me if I lived walking distance from CS!!

    Love your boys faces! So cute!!

  2. Yuuuuuuuum!
    IKWYM...My kids are SO cranky after a nap, luckily(!?!?!?) they have grown out of nap time. I have to say though I would definitely wake up smiling if ice cream was on offer;)

  3. Oh, cute pictures! LOVE that last one, so pretty! That's nice to walk to all those places...then maybe my car wouldn't smell and have trash in it! {LOL...on my latest post!}

    We used to take more walks, too, and I miss it!
    You all look fabuloso!

  4. I love the pictures. I wish we were within walking distance to the get ice cream. Maybe it wouldn't stick to my hips as bad (LOL). You look great!

  5. Yeah for ice cream! I really liked the picture of you and your boys at the ice cream shop, everytime you see that it will be a real memory for you.

    Just wanted to add, that your son has the most amazing blue eyes.

  6. In Malaysia, we go for ice-kachang. It's shaved ice topped with cream corn, jelly bits, nuts etc. Perfect for our summery weather.

  7. Great pictures! Now I want ice cream and it's only 5:32 am here......LOL

  8. Wow, that is cool that you have so much close by. I'm sure they loved going to get ice cream before dinner. Great photos!

  9. I have to say that I love ice cream, and after seeing your pictures I need to take my kids to town someday and do this very same thing. That tree is simply amazing...and that picture is priceless. :)
    Thanks for letting us share in such a special memory of you and your kiddos.

  10. So many great pictures! Jack's look is just priceless. the tree is gorgeous, even better with little boys running under it. I really like the picture of the three of you, it's everyday life, they will remember that you took them out for ice cream, great memories!

    And I love your word... "decrankify" priceless!

  11. how lucky you are to live that close to such great places. And that VIEW!! OH MY WORD it was BEAUTIFUL and the trees weren't to bad either :) Your boys are breathtaking!

  12. LOVE the photos! And that is a great photo of you btw :)

    That purple tree is just GORGEOUS.

  13. What a great break from the rut! Maybe I'll go to Coldstone today, too. And tomorrow, and the next day...wait, how is this breaking the rut?

  14. Great pictures and the purple tree! WOW!

  15. Ok, in that picture that you say is not good, you sure have a beautiful smile!
    I love cold stone. I can't take the kids there because of my son's peanut allergy. However, I do sneak there sometimes and the night I was in labor with my daughter, I insisted that we stop there before we went to the hospital.

    It is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Read my latest allergy post: Thursday Thanks Tank: Allergy Thankfulness

  16. I LOVE these pictures. Especially, the second one. I think you should be commended for taking the opportuntiy to get out of a rut and doing something good for you...even if it means breaking the rules and eating ice cream before dinner. I think it is good I live in the country because if I lived within walking distance of good things like ice cream we'd have to do a lot more shredding around here!

  17. hey moma.. I am a BIT of a procrastinator.. BUUUUT I have full intentions on sending you out ur little sutten sutten tomorrow! ;)

  18. Great pictures!! I love the "I want them all" picture!! Makes me SO hungry for icecream!

  19. Adorable faces!

    I've never seen a tree like that I don't think. Maybe we don't have them in Michigan.

  20. Cute...we love Cold Stone too. Stunt Man has a free one for his birthday that we need to use up soon. Great pictures...all of them.

  21. I heart jacaranda trees. I am guessing you are in So Cal??? The one thing that's not so great is that you can get squishy stuff stuck to the bottoms of your shoes from them that can get tracked inside. But other than them. They just shout spring to me.

    I like your gelateria break. We do something similar but with frozen yogurt. Our town (Temecula, CA) is going through a frozen yogurt craze. It's seriously like a return to 1988 around here. All of our ice cream shops are converting to self-serve Pinkberry-esque frozen yogurt shops instead.

    We used to do a weekly "ice cream Friday" at the ice cream truck by my older daughter's school but now we do Sunday frozen yogurt as a family instead. Self-serve frozen yogurt is a brilliant invention for little ones (like my three year old) where she can feel like she's eating "the whole thing" even if in reality I only give her 1/2 oz.

    Found you through SITS and am enjoying your blog:-)

  22. Love the look on Jack's face, and Logan's "I want it all"... I want to taste-test all those flavors too! Never had gelato, never been to a Stone Cold place, nor seen such GORGEOUS purple trees... I hear SoCal calling my name (it's screaming it right now, actually....)

    Love the pictures, and loved hearing about your day :o) That last one of the boys walking home is classic and priceless, love love love!

  23. Fun post! What a beautiful tree, too... and ice cream within walking distance!

  24. I love the "I want them all"'s much cuter when a little one hugs the ice cream case than when I do! :)

  25. Whoa, decrankify... totally lovin' that word. Your Logan must know my Levi. They are two peas in a pod when it comes to waking up from nap.

    Okay, I'm totally LOVIN' these photos. Logan knows my style. Up all about being plastered to the ice cream window as well. 'Bwahahah, mine all mine!'. Yes, I'm that crazy for ice cream.

    Jack is crackin me up! First, those eyes... good heavens... can you say mesmerizing and ya gotta love that pouty lip!

    Super fab post! Gotta me salivating for ice cream.

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