Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer so far...

So far I am surviving summer...but my sanity is on the line every day!

So far, the boys have had one week of half-day soccer camp. All four kids have taken a weeks worth of swim lessons. The boys have weekly karate class and the girls have weekly hair appointments. The whole family (with Nana and Granddad) have had a vacation to a nearby mountain lake. Add in a Fourth of July weekend and a few playdates and you can tell that my plan has simply been to keep everyone busy, busy, busy!

Here are some of the highlights thus far (in photos):

Hair appointments:

New pets:


4th of July (the girls' first!):
Soccer camp:


Monday, July 18, 2011

The Graduates

Both Jack and Logan had milestones in June...graduations!

Logan graduated from preschool after attending it for 2 3/4 years.

And Jack graduated from kindergarten, his first of many elementary years.

This is the gift I made (I mean, Jack made, of course!) for Jack's teacher, Mrs. Jung. I'm hoping we see it hanging in her classroom next year and hoping that Logan has her for kindergarten!

Congrats (belatedly) to my two big boys! I'm so proud of you!