Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Not me!" Monday - The "Apologies to Scott" Edition

Nearly every week I write a "Not me!" Monday post. I'm obviously a perfect mother as evidenced by my lists of all the things I never ever do. I thought that this week I prove what a perfect wife I am too.

I did NOT do absolutely nothing for my husband's birthday. He did NOT buy the ingredients and make his own chocolate eclairs. He did NOT have to buy and wrap his own birthday present.

I did NOT take a roll of toilet paper out of my husband's bathroom to refill mine instead of getting a new roll from the closet.

I did NOT find a dirty pan put away in the cupboard. I did NOT automatically assume that my husband put it there (even though I know perfectly well that it could have easily been me).

I did NOT do absolutely nothing for our wedding anniversary. I mean, of course, I would do something spectacular considering all I did NOT not do for Scott's birthday.

When talking to a friend about our wedding anniversary and she asked in what year Scott and I were married, I did NOT say, "2003, I think."

Feel free to leave your condolences to my husband in the comment section...

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  1. Oh, Carey, you've had too many things to think about his month! He seems like a forgiving man...and he got just what he wanted, like you said ;) He married you & had two super adorable boys...that's the best gift you could give! {see how I'm helping you out here! LOL!}

    And it makes for some great posts :) hee hee!

  2. Well, I can see who the sentimental one is in the family!! LOL!!!

  3. At least he rolls with it and doesn't seem to mind!

  4. Oh Carey, it sounds like you need to go do some sort of huge surprise party all the sudden!!! Failure to buy gifts AND failure to do any anniversary planning? OUCH Girl!!! =0)

    Great Not Me's! ha ha ha

    Also thanks for dropping by our new "Five Moms & A Blog" site. It should be a fun adventure and I'm happy to get to meet new bloggers!!!

  5. Oh my goodness. You're too funny!

  6. I hope he's not one to hold a grudge...LOL!

  7. He is one lucky man!! lol I could totally see myself stealing the toilet paper like that! haha

  8. LOL! This is a good one!

    BTW... Tag you're it!!

  9. Oh Carey,, you are to funny I He did everything He wanted to do, so I am sure he had a great BD, he has you.
    You are my hero, uh heroine...

  10. Oh, what a lucky husband to have a wife who would NOT ever do any of those things! My husband is just that lucky, too. ;)

  11. you crack me up! your poor husband! and everyone says that the man is the insensitive one. well, at least you have proven that that's not always the case! :) YOu are great!

  12. Poor husband's birthday. That's a little sad. Although i also NEVER steal the toilet paper out of my husband's bathroom. I'm NOT too lazy to go downstairs to get my own.

  13. I was hoping that Carey’s blom friends would be harsher on her. I was wrong. I guess you all take of your own.

    Carey was right that we were married 6 years ago. The traditional gift for 6 years in iron. And it takes someone with iron-forged will to stick with someone like me. So, there is the gift and it is even in theme.

    For our anniversary, Carey made cupcakes that were the same flavor as our wedding cake. (She even went out and bought all of the ingredients all by herself). They were delicious.

    Regarding physical gifts… the new Iron and Wine CD will be released on Tuesday. I like to pretend that she knew this. I am going to buy this CD tomorrow with her blessing. So, again, I get what I want.

    Happy Anniversary… here’s to at least 6 more years.


  14. Hah! Happy Anniversary! I don't even want to start counting the things I haven't done!

  15. Happy anniversary and birthday and kudos to Scott for using the word 'blom' in his comment ;)

  16. Carey! How could you NOT be so cruel and unkind to such a wonderful man??? (Okay Scott, you owe me $5.)


  17. You are cracking me up. You are so much like me. LOL
    I love it.
    Poor Scott...join my hubs in the feeling neglected hubby category. LOL

  18. I would so take my hubby's toilet paper, too. Funny, funny post!

  19. Haha, my husband remembers our anniversary better than I do as well. He was insulted when I didn't realize we had been married 7 years. Oops.

  20. Ha! Ha! I'm rolling thinking about the TP one! I did that this morning. Which reminds me, I should probably go put it back. :)
    Looking forward to your summer carnival!


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