Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • When he didn't get his way, said "Mama, you made me sad but I love you anyways because you're sooooo cute."
  • Refuses to let anyone eat a hard-boiled egg once he's dyed or colored on it.
  • Uses the word "cross" as in "Logan, you've made me sooooooo cross!"

Which little love bug:
  • Said sternly "Look at my eyes when I talk to you!," something he's heard his mama say one or two or a million times.
  • Used a stool to get a cantaloupe off the kitchen counter. When he was found wandering the house with it and his mama inquired what he was doing, he replied that he was going to play basketball with it.
  • Shouted "Duck your head, Mama!" When asked why, he said, "Because of the flying bananas!"


  1. Jack looks about two years older with his "new hair"!!!!!

    Who said "I love your blog, you're a great mom, and your boys are so stinkin' adorable??" Oh yeah... ME!

  2. Love these! I did not know you could use cantaloupe to play basketball.....

    Those are so funny!

  3. I love the things kids say at your house!

  4. Too cute...Love the pictures. Great action

  5. So do you write these things down all week or do you just remember them in your head? Because if it's the later I need to up my Omega 3 intake.

  6. Absolutely hysterical what the wee ones ahve said. I personally love the whole cross thing. and I think Logan has made a wise choice for a basketball. Watermelons are far to large, =)

  7. Boys will be boys! They sure are cute.

  8. I love reading these!!

    LOL about the stool!! Oh!!!!

  9. Man, those boys are personality-packed!

  10. Hi Carey,

    I love your blog. It is so much fun to see your adorable boys!

    Your fan,

    Mary Doyle

  11. I love your 'Who's Who' posts. Your boys say the darnest things. So very cute!

  12. you have such adorable kids!

  13. Awwww... they are so cute. Flying bananas might make me cross, but at least you're sooooo cute just like them. I love kids!

  14. Haha, Jack and Logan crack me up!!


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