Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Phony Photos

This has been a weird transition time for the family.  The boys started school but the girls don't start for an other week.  Des and Bri finished up summer camp and are now spending every waking (and quite a few sleeping) moments with Mama.  The boys seem to be happy to have a regular schedule again and to be able to see their friends at school.  They both like their teachers and haven't started protesting homework just yet so all is relatively good.  Here are some daily life photos from my phone:

 1. Bri and Des at their last days of summer camp  2. Bri, the happy camper  3. Their drawing skills are further examples of how much Bri is like Jack and Des is like Logan  4. Des twirling  5. lazy afternoon on a hot day  6. Mama and Des  7. napping in the stroller to pick up the boys from school  8. the girls with their friend Micah trying to figure out how the ATM works  9. waiting for Mr. Jose to open the gate at school to pick up their brothers

1. Jack  2. Bri  3. Des  4. Logan

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Survived Week 1

The boys are back at school but the girls still have two more weeks before they start.  Des and Bri are chomping at the bit to go back to "Cynthia's school."  Everyday, I am told repeatedly that they want to go.  Well, guess what girls?!?!?!  I'm ready for you to go back too!  This summer was short because our school district was completely changing calendars.  And there were a few camps and extra long weekend vacations to break up the days.  But still, I'm ready to get everyone back to school.

The boys seem to like their teachers and are pretty happy with the friends they are in class with.  Apparently, they seek each other out and sit together everyday for snack and lunch.  (Last year, Logan was in a different part of the school so this wasn't a possibility.)  I find it very sweet that they are excited to be able to spend time together during the school day.

Jack on the first day of 2nd grade

Logan on the first day of 1st grade

Ready to go!

It's a family affair on the first day of school.

Here's hoping for a better year than last...especially for Logan!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Phony Photos

Summer is done...for better or worse...it is done.  Here is the last of my summer cell phone photos:

1.  Jack hanging it out in the car  2. Bri, Jordan and Des  3. Logan and one of his gerbil babies  4. feet propped up  5. gerbil babies  6. Do you want to talk to the man in charge or the woman who knows what's going on?  7. Silly sisters  8. Doodling with Jack in the park  9. Put your hands in the air!

1. Fairies in the forest  2. More gerbil babies!?!?!  3. Switching their clothes to trip us up  4. Jack's amazing pole climbing technique   5. Jack at lunch  6. Bri and Logan on the Metro  7. Bri's tutu vs. the subway vent  8. the girls at lunch  9. swinging princesses

1. Bri's first Barbie  2. a day at the beach  3. Bri and Scott  4. Des' first Barbie

1. Scott and the girls  2. Jack and his beach sculpture  3. & 4. the second set of pups

Friday, August 10, 2012

An Almost Typical Thursday

Recently, I took all four kids on the Metro just because they have been asking me all summer to ride it.  The ride out was uneventful.  But waiting on the platform to get back on the train and then on the return ride, we were literally surrounded by people asking questions and commenting on me and my family.  People were so curious they were asking questions over each other.  I don't get nervous easily but by the time we got off the train, I was a bit rattled.  Here is a portion of what I remember from the return Metro ride:

" Are you a missionary?
When did you get them?
You wouldn't think a white family would want black kids.
Are they yours?
You should get some dead sea soap.  It will clear that right up.
They must look like your husband.
Which one is older?  I mean, which one came out first?
Where did they come from?
Are you a vegetarian or health food person?  You seem like you would be.
Did you do their hair?
Are your sons adopted?
Don't let people touch their hair.  85% of Mexico has a parasite that they bring here and I don't want things crawling in my hair.
Awww...look, she really loves you.
Are they adopted?
What are their names?
How old are they?
You can buy dead sea soap in bulk.  You should get some.
Is their hair real?
How do they get along with your own kids?  "

For the record, none of my kids are deaf.  They can all hear everything being said about us.  And also for the record, none of my kids are mute.  They can choose to answer simple questions like their names and ages if they are only treated like humans and asked them.

Typing this up has been rather therapeutic.  Reading it over now I can't help but chuckle at how ridiculous people can be.  But in the thick of it, it didn't feel quite so benign.  And I can't help but think how these questions and comments are affecting all four of my children.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Camp

Two summers ago, Jack and Logan participated in a 3-day-a-week  summer camp  that gave me a bit of free-time to get things ready for my trip to Ethiopia to pick up the girls.  Well, this summer, Des and Bri were old enough to have their turn at the same camp.  They loved their teacher and enjoyed signing and drawing especially.  Today was their end-of-summer performance and they finally got to be the ones on stage (as they are always so jealous of their brothers' various performances).

Their favorite songs were "Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool" and "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive."

They also worked on "This is me" books with their teacher.  Here are some of their ridiculous answers:

My address is white house.
My school is lunch.
I have green eyes and orange hair.
My favorite food is apple.
I like to dance.
When I grow up, I want to be a dancer.

My address is pink house.
I have orange eyes and green hair.
My birthday is pink.
My favorite food is pizza.
I like to play with Mommy.
When I grow up I want to me a don't know.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Who's Who?

Which little monkey:
  • Loves to draw geometric designs?
  • Has found a love of all things competitive including sports and games and has a unique talent for turning uncompetitive things into a competition?
  • Can shimmy up a 15' pole with no hand or foot holds?

Which little lovebug:
  • Hand-fed wild squirrels at the playground before I found out and freaked out?
  • Likes to pack for a trip several days in advance (which is completely different than the rest of the family that packs minutes before we are supposed to leave)?
  • When told that I would not be accompaning him to college so he needed to learn to tie his shoes, said, "That's okay...I'll just get a wife!"

Which little peanut:
  • Who had hiccups but forgot what they were called, said "I'm making a noise!"
  • Asks to have her hair done so she can look at pictures on my phone and watch videos on the ipad?
  • Is obsessed with ballerinas which just means anyone wearing light pink leotards and flowy tutus?

Which little chickpea:
  • After I get her dressed in the morning, promptly undresses herself and puts on a costume when I'm busy with the other kids?
  • Has an insanely infectious giggle?
  • Can dribble a basketball for quite sometime?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary Girls!

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the girls coming home.  They have grown and changed so much in that time.  It's not always easy having so many young kids so close in age but we, as a family, have grown and changed too in the past years.  Des and Bri have brought so much to our family.

Their first night home, they fell asleep in Scott's arms...so happy to have finally found a safe and comfortable place to rest.  And he's been snuggling them ever since...