Friday, September 21, 2012

Phony Photos

Over the long Labor Day weekend, the boys and I went for a trip to visit my parents.  The girls and Scott had a staycation.  It felt a little weird to split the family but it was nice for Jack and Logan to get more attention than normal.  Then, the girls started back to school and are so happy to be there.  Nearly everyday they tell me they like "Cinfia's school."  We've been keeping very busy trying to figure out our new normal.

1. Jack playing with my brother's old Legos at my parents house  2. Felt nice to bundle up and snuggle with Logan due to some chilly weather  3. Logan and Nana working on a motorized robot  4. Jack  5. a really funny poem (see below)  6. Logan asleep on my shoulder in the car  7. Great Dona reading stories to the boys  8. At the aquarium  9. More Lego creations by Jack

1. Shopping with Papa to pick new school dresses  2. It's a bear!  (Family joke from the book Going on a Bear Hunt)  3. At the zoo  4. In Papa's new bike trailer

1. Jack in his soft blanket  2. Des is ready for the first day of school  3. Bri getting an afterschool hug from Jack  4. Picnic dinner on the front lawn when the kitchen is too messy  5. A beautiful beach morning  6.  asleep with Mama after a colossal tantrum  7. Headed to the Ethiopian New Year festival  8. Enjoying non-traditional slurpees on a really hot festival afternoon  9. Jack and his future ride

1. Sometimes Mama has to get in character to help Logan do homework  2. Scott's first race and his adoring fans  3. Finally back at school  4. Logan, a very proud Tiger cub

1. Formal wear for a scooter ride around the block  2. While Jack karate chops imaginary ninjas  3. Logan's literal greater-than-sign (the alligator eats the bigger number)  4. Bri's new dress form Nana  5. Playing at the water playground  6. Jack and Mama staying cool in the shade  7. Papa stops by to bring us lunch and pose for photo opps  8. Jack, the avid reader  9. More photo ops with Papa

Funny poem mentioned above:


It's been one whole hour since I ate.
Why is my dinner always late?
While you and Mom procrastinate,
I might become a featherweight.
You know what I'd appreciate?
Cough it up, Dad!  Regurgitate!