Monday, May 18, 2009

TTSS doesn't stand for Tater Tots on Salty Saturday

Last week, I mentioned Tuesday's Tips for Summer Survival. TTSS will be a weekly carnival from June 2 to September 8 because mamas need all the help they can get when the kids are out of school.

I have to admit that this weekly carnival was designed for purely selfish reasons. I could say that it was designed by a mama for other mamas. But who am I kidding?

It was designed by me for me. Because I'm terrified...of spending all summer...with my kids! (How horrible, right?) My kids aren't really that scary. But I have two young and wildly energetic boys. And there are lot of long summer days ahead of us...

So, if the rest of you mamas get something out of this weekly carnival, then great!

I've even got an adorable button (which I won last week...fate, I tell you!) designed by the talented Jen over at Following the Footsteps. A cute button makes it official right? Can't have a carnival without a button...
Life In The Car Pool Lane

So, whether it's outings or backyard fun or indoor time, please share your ideas. It could even be something local, like a kids concert series, that might spark an idea in another mom to look for a similar activity in her own city.

It could be:
water play
ideas for playdates
kid's movie recommendation

There are no limits. If you've done it (or even just thought about doing it) with your kids, then pass on the activity, recipe, craft, etc.
A project big or small.
An activity quick or lengthy.
An idea for a younger or older kiddo.

So long as your kids had fun (or will have fun) doing it, then share the idea. And I hope you'll post a picture...or two...or three.

Next week I'll do an sample post to work out any Mr. Linky kinks and hopefully inspire you to participate the week after.

You could save a mama...well, her sanity at least!


  1. Hi Carey! So sorry I haven't been visiting. I caught the flu and have been in bed for the last couple of days.

  2. cute button! Good thing your husband was able to get out of this one! hee hee! Can't wait to see some ideas...I've got one!

  3. I love this idea! I'll start brain storming for some new ideas and plan on sharing some old ones too. I've got a few years of experience!

  4. I will give this some thought and play along.
    Please stop by my blog, I have two awards for you, thank you.

  5. I just make the teen go to work. He loves being a cashier at Kroger b/c he gets a discount on groceries....

    Or maybe that's me...

  6. OMG! I hadn’t thought of summer jobs! If one gets a job at Target and the other gets a job at Costco I’ll be set!

    The weight lifting belts that the Costco employees wear…how small do you think they come?

    Brandy, you are a genius!

  7. This is a good idea! I think you're going to get plenty of ideas!! And so am I! LOL

  8. I think this is an awesome idea, I'll be here for it!

  9. How fun. Our kids will be so thankful for this meme.

  10. I have the button saved and am looking forward to playing. I can't wait till 6/2 to see what everyone else is doing with their summer break :)

  11. two ideas come to mind immediately... First cleaning out your car, and Second... making something with the Cream of Tartar! LOL!!!!

    I have to think about this one... we are out in three weeks and I am already starting to hyperventilate!!

  12. This looks like a wonderful carnival. I cannot wait to participate! I love the relaxed days of summer but I really struggle when we all get bored. Thanks for doing this. It's going to be great!

  13. Oh I like this! I need to keep up with you this summer.....I have the same long summer in store. But the plus side is-----NO School!

  14. I will have to do this. It sounds like fun. I love the button. I gotta get one for my new thingy.

  15. I'm looking forward to this! Will we be able to participate next week, or do we have to wait? (Can you tell I'm excited!?)

    Monsoon and I have been working on a pet project and some videos, so we'll be sharing some of those on Tuesdays this summer. Yay!!!

  16. I hear ya! I'm a teacher, so I get summers off. I think my vacation is actually much more work and much more exhausting than the school year. My kids know how to run me ragged, for sure. I'll have to check out all of your ideas!

  17. Woman, where the heck do you get your creativity? Seriously, you could not hog it all to yourself and pass some my way. I could really use it! Looking forward to your wicked cool carnival!

  18. Oh what a fabulous idea! An idea about ideas. It's fabulous!!!

  19. Hi, I came across this blog and thought I'd share my site that has activities, crafts, recipes and more for toddlers and children. Here is the link:



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