Thursday, May 14, 2009

The moral of this post is...I need to get the car detailed!

Carrie at Martin Manor Happenings wrote a cute post about the random sticky. noisy and sometimes smelly things that can be found in her family's car (which also holds some precious cargo by the names of Alex and Emily.)

I was a bit scared but I thought I'd take a little peek into the nooks and crannies of our car.

A bag full of change & dollar bills because we live in city that doesn't believe parking a car should ever be free

A bucket of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars

Two leis

Two of the smallest screwdrivers known to man

A cup full of "treasures" (The teacher at the boys' school hides little shiny confetti in the sand box for the kids to find and they've made it everywhere...the laundry machine, the beds, the junk drawer, the bathroom counters and of course, the car!)

Cream of Tartar (wish I could tell you why but I truly have no idea!)

A goldfish cracker way under the seat (and a carpet stain)

Another two Goldfish crackers and some serious nastiness

A smooshed Goldfish cracker and more nastiness

A wrapped but very beat up present from who knows when

A tennis ball with a smiley face

A bag of $1 toys for Makes-Mama-Happy Meals, sand toys, a bag of towels and swimsuits (just in case), a bag of reusable shopping bags, a changing area with extra clothes and wipes and pull-ups

A very special bag of animal crackers

And what is so special about this big bag of animal crackers? When two cookies are eaten while listening to track 6 on this CD... precious cargo does this neat trick:

And last but certainly not least, somewhere in my car is my camera lens cap which I managed to lose while taking these photos!


  1. The first couple of pictures I was like wow, you are so organized with your buckets of stuff then further down with the cup holder I started recognizing my car, lol

  2. hey, that looks like the floor of my car! although, unfortunately, no one ever falls asleep in mine!

  3. did you get in my car and take these pics??????

    LOLOL! I'm too scared to show mine!! No way!

  4. I should do this someday. I like your ball with the smiley face on it.

    Right now my car is clean but only because it's new. But give it a few months...

  5. You are so brave. I would not do that with my mom van. OH no...I might lose followers. LOL
    Bonus that you found some money!

  6. C'mon, doesn't everyone have an emergency can of cream of tartar in their cars? :)

  7. Yeap, that looks like the floor of our car !!

  8. LOL! Yes..."pardon me, do you have any cream of tartar?" ha ha!

    I love the pictures! I was not brave enough in showing the evidence! I love the boys sound asleep ;) And I think the carpet in our 'taxi' is supposed to be gray, but it looks more like some sort of brownish color!
    so funny!

  9. I'm LOL because I just had to clean out my van -- traded it back in to the dealer -- happy my van days are behind me!

    I had the car detailed a few days prior to emptying out it's contents and I blogged about what I found!!!

    Come check it out!

  10. I cleaned out the van this week, took 2 hours. I found all our bowls and spoons (my teen daughter is never up in time to eat breakfast in the house). Wish my boys would still falll asleep like that!

  11. The old juice boxes and dirt are what is holding my minivan together.

  12. Cream of Tartar...I'm not even sure what you'd use that for in the kitchen, let alone car!

    Oh, and definitely protect those magical cookies!

  13. Late but never forgotten! Have a great weekend my fellow sitstahs!

    Camp Sock Monkey

  14. I can see how useful a container of baking soda would be in a mom-mobile, but cream of tartar? ***roaring*** You, Carey, are way too funny... that's why I loves ya!

    This was a very funny post. I recognize myself somewhat in it, although the van has gotten a bit better over the years. Perhaps because it spends more time at the mechanic's than anywhere else???!??!!?! *ugh*

  15. Just dying to know where the cream of tartar came from, lol! I found a small jar of cayenne pepper in my purse that my husband put in there for dinner out one night and forgot to tell me!

    My kids are older now but we still manage to mess up the car. Love that you found money!!

    I popped over from the Five Moms blog to thank you for visiting our new blog today!

  16. Looks like our mini van has looked way too many times.

  17. OMGosh...How funny! We can ALL relate to this post right?
    I think I have the matchbox cars and the smushed something in mine as well....LOL
    And how cute the little ones looked sleeping, just precious.
    Stopping by from SITS to say hello! ;)

  18. You'd better go get your car detailed or you won't see the award I am giving you! The cream of tartar could help here... possibly!

    Come over to my bloggie and then pass the award on to the newly discovered blogs that you like!

  19. LOL- I love it- that is classic, that is why you have a mini-van you can fit more stuff in it!! No post on the anniversary?? Happy Anniversary- hope you guys are having fun!!

  20. First of all thank you for stopping by and giving me your prayers!
    Second of all you are braver than me that's for sure! I wanted to post when I cleaned out my van but I was like NO WAY! It looked just like yours.. lol!!!!!!!!!!!
    I laughed through this whole post!
    I signed your follower list.. I hope you do the same!

  21. I believe that looks just like every other mom's car! I'm playing blog catch up... can you tell? I loved this post. So cute.

  22. Well, the only thing I use Cream of Tartar for is making play doh, so I can only assume, you are prepared for a playdoh emergency...LOL

    My car is too disgusting to even be photographed...and its fairly new, so that is even more embarassing!

  23. Do you happen to have any cream of tartar I can borrow? Too frickin' funny!


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