Friday, December 19, 2008

Been there, done that

Hi there!
This post isn't for you. You are welcome to read it but if you too are a mama then it'll probably be deja vu.
This post is really for me. See, I have a horrible, terrible, no good memory. It doesn't matter if it's short term or long term, good or bad, mundane (grocery list) or important (first words spoken by my boys)...I simply can't remember things. So this post is to remind me someday far into the future what life was like with two crazy, adorable, energetic, loving and lovable little hellions boys.

My boys usually like to ease into the day. Morning starts off in our big bed with a TV show and some chocolate milk.
Logan is a bit camera shy. He hates it when the Mamarazzi has the camera out which is why he's trying to flee the bed in this photo.

Then it's time for breakfast. I generally make a big batch of waffles once or twice a week and refrigerate them. Then we eat them throughout the week. And we eat them with our need for butter or syrup so they are good on the go.
Jack decided to be my helper this morning.
Yes, that is an ancient waffle-maker handed down from my mom. And yes, that is a airpopper on the counter. I make enough popcorn to justify leaving it out all the time.
While the waffles are cooking, I get moving on the boys' lunches.

And drinks: juice for school and fruit and veggie smoothies for the drive to school.On this particular day I had to take a little break to put Logan in timeout.
Yes, he is in the bathroom for his timeout because he was using "potty talk." We hear a lot of poophead and poopiehead at our house. And if you're talking about poop then you've got to head to the bathroom.
Logan was unhappy about the timeout but he was pissed that I was taking his picture. Opps...

Then, I finish up a bit of laundrywhile the boys play.
Then it's off to school. I love Jack's preschool. (Yea! Logan gets to start after Christmas!) The school is very unique and it's perfect for us. It's a very small co-op so the parents have lots of responsibilities. One of them is that we have to work at least one day a week. And the younger siblings of the students can come on their mother's workday. Well, today was my workday so the three of us headed to school. This photo is of Logan and Jack in the dump trucks:
Everyday after school we stay on the playground for about an hour. Several other moms also stay with their kids so it is a great time to chat. I love this time of day. The boys get lots of outside playtime with their friends and I get to soak up the sunshine and adult conversation.

After we pack up and head to the car it's naptime. Like little Pavlov dogs, I hand the boys an animal cracker each, turn on their nap music and this magically happens:
I transfer the boys to their beds and then I get to indulge:
After the boys are up we usually, play or take a walk. Today we decided to make our gingerbread house. I guess I should fess up...I made the house. The boys assisted with handing me candy and directing me what to do. Maybe next year I'll actually let them decorate...
Logan got so bored that he wandered away and Jack got so annoyed at me that he decided he wanted the gingerbread man left bare.

Then time for some dishes:
Then it struck me...I hadn't made dinner. I called my husband and asked him to "make a run for the border" on his way home.

Then it struck me...the table was still a mess from the gingerbread house. So we had a picnic on the living room floor.

I'm not winning any motherhood awards for this night. But I do have to say that this wasn't a typical night for us. I usually almost always sometimes make dinner and we sit like humans at a table (with silverware no less).

After dinner it's bathtime.(I swear the water was not really that dirty...yuck!)

And then, blissfully, bedtime. Good night!


  1. I love this post!! And, yes, it reminds me of our days. I'm just glad it was your turn to experience all the craziness and not my. At least for today. So far.

  2. take it all in they grow up way to fast. I miss my boys being little...they will always be your babies regardless of age.

  3. I am so glad to know my boy is not the only one that "potty talks" I may have to try the bathroom trick!

  4. Love the naptime photo! What I want to know is do you drive around for the entire naptime, and if not, how do you get them in the house w/o them waking up?


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