Friday, March 27, 2009

100 Things About Me - Installment #7

I enjoy reading bloggers' 100-things-about-me posts. However, by the 32nd thing I usually have forgotten who's blog I'm reading. (Who am I kidding? By #11 I've forgotten!)
I thought it might be fun to try and write one but in the interest of anybody-who-might-actually-read-its sanity I was thoughtful enough to break up the list. In 10 easy installments you can learn everything you ever wanted to know, didn't want to know and could careless about regarding me.

I think it's customary to do this list as your 100th post. My 10th and last installment will be my 100th post (if I can remember).

Here is the seventh installment (#61-70):
61. The only lullaby I sing the boys is Slumber Boat.

62. I hate to admit that I'm not a very good friend.

63. Being a military brat, I prided myself on being able to make friends easily as a kid.

64. But I'm not very good at maintaining the relationships that I form.

65. I have adult onset asthma.

66. I lived in Salzburg, Austria for several months.

67. I was a practicing Buddhist for a year...

68. But in typical fashion, I rarely stick with anything.

69. If I do say so myself, I'm a great party-planner.

70. I watch TV every night to unwind.

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  1. What a sweet song, and I'm sure they will always remember that! Unfortunately, I'm not much of a singer, so I just talk to my kids at night! LOL! Fun little tidbits!

    {I'm not always good about calling friends and checking in, either!}

  2. Interesting list. I am sure you are a good friend. I would love to hear that lullaby's tune.

  3. Great list...I love to get to know people this way!

  4. Well you have stuck with the blog thing for this long. And you have made friends with ME! And I'm pretty damn awesome :) (trying to give you a laugh on this rainy morning, well rainy here)

    I think friendships are only worth what you put into them, maybe you just haven't found the right friends to REALLY invest your self into.
    It's like stripping yourself down for the first time.

    SCARY but in the end so worth it!!

  5. What an interesting list you have. I love getting to know someone and making new friends. I look forward to learning more! Have a great weekend:)

  6. Totally unrelated to your post...but I read your comments on our blog and I hate to say we don't have a great curriculum yet. We do a mixture, plus some stuff we make up based on interests and what we have available. Look into a homeschooling group in your area. I'm going to a curriculum fair next month in our area, so I hope to preview many curriculums for next year. We love homeschooling.

  7. I always look forward to your next installments on this! At least I can picture how your voice sounds too..LOL!

  8. I don't know what you mean by #62 but you sure do make a great bloggy buddy!

  9. Salzburg, huh? I visited there in college. But only for a day or two. I did live in Germany though while in college---which is why I happened to be in Austria. Got to love the Eurail train pass!

  10. I've never heard that lullaby. I'll have to google it.
    I've never though of myself as a good friend either. I can't even blame it on the military. I don't have the 'follow up' gene. I think about it and cherish every 'friend' I've ever had but they probably don't know it. I'm always so busy running around like a crazy woman that I forget to make 'that' call, or write that 'letter' know the one that says 'I needed nothing but to tell you you're my friend'.

    I think it's interesting that you were a practicing Buddhist! I always thought I could be a Monk...just because I L-O-V-E silence. Seriously, I wear earplugs around the house just to keep from blowing my lid. (My kids aren't even *that* loud).


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