Monday, March 16, 2009

Giving a tip and taking tips

This is a two part tip post. First, I've got a tip to give. The second part is me looking for some specific tips relating to dairy cattle. Yes, really, I'm talking about milk cows...
Did you know that denture cleanser tablets will clean some of your jewelry?
Not only will everything sparkle but your jewelry will also be left plague-free and minty fresh!

Another bonus is the price. I bought a box of 108 tablets at Target for about $2. That means that each cleaning is 2 cents!

I just plop one fizzy tablet in a cup of warm water, drop in my jewelry and wait a minute of two. Next, I rinse, dry and wear.

I can speak from experience when I say don't put silver in the denture cleaner.

I have used this method personally on:
yellow gold
cubic zirconium

Stop by BlogMommas for more tips.

In our house, we refer to milk as liquid gold. It is so expensive and I seem to buy so much of it. Scott drinks a little but mostly uses it in his cereal. I don't drink it but do use a bit to cook. The boys are our main liquid gold consumers.

I hope this lasts us a week:

So I've decided to get them their own cow. As with any pet large livestock, they'll be responsible for feeding, walking milking, and bathing it. Our backyard is about 1,500 square feet and our Bessy will have to share it with our dog, Marley. The good news is that Marley is part Shepard so if Bessy gets loose into our alley and starts wandering the streets, Marley should be able to round her up and bring her home.

So, I'm wondering if any of you have any experience raising a cow in your backyard. I'd appreciate any tips you can give the boys or me.

I'm off to start looking at cows for sale online. What do you think...Amazon or Ebay?


  1. okay..forgive me for being an idiot but i dont know you so....youre kidding, right?

  2. Hey Shosh,
    I guess it depends on which part you are referring to. Denture cleaner to clean jewelry is not a joke. The amount of milk we consume is not a joke. But getting a cow for the backyard is only a wishful dream! ;)

    Besides, I'm horrible at cleaning up Marley's poop...can you imagine what our backyard would look (and smell) like when I forgot to pick up after Bessy? ;)

  3. I was seriously considering a backyard goat at one stage..I had all three kids on goats milk, and at $4 for 1 litre (2litres is = to about 0.5 gallon as far as I can work out) it was getting fairly expensive....luckily I came to my senses;-)
    Love the jewellery cleaner tip!

  4. I solved that by breastfeeding Jillian for four years... I was the one walking around the backyard "Moo'ing"!!! I could have opened a topless dairy bar...

  5. LOL! I wasn't sure if you were kidding either...I'm gullable(and not a good speller!)
    I'm at the store buying 5 to 6 gallons a week, too! THat's all my husband drinks, and the kids too!
    THanks for the jewelry cleaning tip, too!

  6. Happy Tuesday!
    Great tip on the jewelry!

    My son drinks milk like there is no tomorrow!


  7. No advice for you on the cow, but my coworker is a dairy farmer,so if you have any specific questions, I can certainly ask here. They have like, a million cows, so she'd know!

  8. I too wish we had a kids love milk and so does hubby. I could do without, but we have had some awesome sales this week on milk. 1.77 a gallon. Wish I could freeze it and save some for later. LOL But you can bet I bought the limit.
    I have never tried that for my jewelry. Thanks for the tip.

  9. The cleaning tip, thank you!!!!

    My son drinks milk like that too. It's one kid and he'll drain a gallon in a day and a half.

    LOL to the person that wondered if you were serious. :)

  10. Milk has finally come down in price around here. It's under $2 a gallon and goes on sale for $1.49 a gallon! Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!

  11. We pay $6.39/gallon here, year round, it has never, ever gone "on sale", it's a fixed price.

    One more reason to move to California, eh?

    Hey Carey, what's the price of gas these days in SoCal?

  12. I wasn't sure how I was gonna comment on this post! Glad you clarified that the cow part was a wish. LOL If only, if only...
    Thanks for the jewelry cleaning tip. I'm going to try that soon!

  13. Oh, great tip on the jewelry cleaner!'re getting a cow?? How cool is that!!!!

    And I would love to talk to you about homeschooling!!! I can talk tonight, if you want!!

    Email me, and we can set up at time!!! :)

  14. We go through milk like that too, and it's just the boys {little ones & big one} drinking it and me cooking with it. I don't like milk myself.

    We've gotten chickens to supply our eggs but I'm not sure about a cow. I grew up on a dairy farm and I don't think I could do all that work!! Maybe we should just make friends with a farmer & get it for cheaper!

  15. wow-how ambitious of you! but what fun the kids will have.
    hey- i tried the "kid pizza" was a sweet time!

  16. That's a great tip for the jewelry cleaning!

    Yes..milk is getting so expensive, isn't it?!!

  17. I feel your pain. My middle son drinks nothing but milk. When we went in for his check up the doctor said he is drinking TOO MUCH. So I have limited him to two drinks a day. ( Is there an AA meeting for 10 year old milk drinkers?)

    And the kicker is I buy Organic milk, almost 6 dollars a gallon, OUCH!!

    This is the main reason my kitchen will never be redone :)

  18. Thankfully milk prices have started to drop in our area and I can get a gallon for less than $3 (usually $2.50-ish for skim) especially since I eat cereal most mornings and I love a big tall glass of milk anytime!

  19. Marley sounds like a great dog. You have to get them on MyPetCareTV

  20. You'll have to let me know how that cow raising goes. I need a liquid gold giver myself. Four gallons a week is outta control. I have me and my little Levi to blame for that one.

  21. I think you should totally get a cow, you have plenty of room in the backyard!!!! And, love the jewelry tip- i might just borrow one of the tablets from you as a test!! :-)


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