Thursday, March 19, 2009

The kid has mad skillz!

Jack drew this abstract two days ago:

And he drew this (a portrait of him and me) yesterday:

It was the first time Jack had drawn anything that looked like a person. How is it that kids can acquire new skills overnight? I am truly fascinated by how their minds work.


  1. Oh wow....!!!! Those are two pieces of artwork to be treasured. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow and develop overnight like this?! Awesome.

  2. LOL! I know, I love their interpretations! Emily can actually draw pretty well, and I was also impressed with her skills!

    So cute! Looks like you guys are doing a dance!

  3. Uh, are you the one with the big head looking very alien like or are you the tall skinny one with the HUGE mouth? At least it looks like a mouth...

    I find the development of children fascinating. One minute their this crying, slobbering slug and then they're moving and they have thoughts and desires that we don't put there. When that happens I look at my children and say "How did that happen? How did you change before my eyes?"

  4. The portrait is adorable! I love seeing how children draw their people, it really varies from child to child.

    My middle son (age 4) was the same way. He wanted nothing to do with drawing or writing for the longest time. I started to worry because my first son has always been an artist and he was drawing up a storm at age 3. But one day he just started drawing pictures, and writing his letters, and his name, and it all seemed to happen over night. Now he loves drawing!

    I'm sure your little guy will be drawing the whole family in no time now!

  5. He did a great job. I love to look at the progression of children's is so fascinating. I enjoy the abstract too, but the people pictures are so great!


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