Friday, March 6, 2009

Jack's Birthday Extravaganza!

This year, Jack's birthday was one that would not end. It lasted for 4 days...which I guess is fitting because he turned 4.

Here are the highlights:

Day 1
Jack started off his birthday extravaganza with a visit from my in-laws. They came baring gifts and took the whole family out for lunch.

Woohoo! More Hot Wheels Trick Tracks!

Day 2
The morning started with a birthday gift scavenger hunt. Since I was in charge of the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt, Scott took charge of this one. After hiding the presents around the house, he tied little ribbons near them so Jack (and Logan) might find them easier. We eventually, had to play "colder/warmer/hotter" to help the boys out. It was a nice way to space out the presents and avoid an unwrapping frenzy.

Then one of my cousins, who attends a nearby college, came over with a friend. They entertained the boys while I made a cake and then they helped make the rice crispy treats that I decorated with monster faces to take to school on day 4 of the birthday extravaganza.

Cake was had by all after singing and candle blowing. (Unfortunately I lost those photos...)

A present in the cupboard
One under our bed
Logan has to check all the closets after Jack found a gift in one

Day 3
On the morning of each of the boys' birthdays we fill their room with balloons before they wake up. They love to wake up to a sea of balloons covering their floor.

I'm somewhat environmentally conscious so Scott and I feel so wasteful filling their room with balloons. But the boys have come to look forward to it and they spend days playing with the balloons. (Please don't think too badly of me! I try to rationalize it saying that it's only two times a year and when deflated the balloons don't amount to much trash, albeit plastic trash.)

After balloons, breakfast and a lot of rushing around we were off to Disneyland. Surprisingly to me, it was such a good time that it gets a post all of it's own in a day or two.

Day 4
The boys headed back to school and shared Crispy Monsters with their friends after lunch.

(I'd like to give Denise credit for the Crispy Monsters. I hope she doesn't mind me stealing two of her ideas to invent them.) was an exhausting 4 days. But Jack had a wonderful birthday and felt very loved.


  1. The crispy monsters are WAY too cute, and I love the idea of a gift scavenger hunt... even with my kids' ages. It would make it last longer, and more fun...

    The boys are too cute... Happy Birthday, big guy! Four was awesome with our kids, I hope you enjoy one of the best years ever.

  2. Sounds like he was having so much fun:)


  3. I love the monster rice crispy treats!!!! I'm glad to have inspired you.

    I had to laugh when you felt badly about filling Jack's floor with balloons. It's SOOO obvious that you live in California! LOL No one would think anything of it in the Wasteland, I mean Heartland of the Midwest.

    Oh, and you're lucky it only lasted 4 days. My kids somehow end dragging out for a week!

  4. Can I be your kid? You are such a fun mom. What a birthday celebration he had. Happy birthdya Jack! How fun!

  5. Oh my fun!!!!!!!! I love all the balloons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How cute! I love the b-day party, the crispy monsters and I love their room too.

  7. You made that absolutely so much fun! I love everything!

  8. I love the balloons in the room idea! How cute! Balloons are a huge thing in our house.

    Katie turns 18 on St. Patrick's Day. It always seems to be a week long event. I am glad to see I am not the only one with spread out events. Whew.

    So glad Jack's birthday was a success! It's a big deal to be 4. :-)

  9. I love the crispy monsters. They are sooo cute!!

  10. Wow!! Those are some super fun birthday activities, your boys are sooo lucky!! I just love the idea of filling up their room with balloons, I may just steal that idea, my oldest turns 7 next weekend and he would LOVE that!!

    Happy Birthday to your brand new 4 year old!

  11. Thanks for all the feedback on the stroller, it was waaaaaaaaaay helpful.

    I also like the balloon idea, I might try that sometime.

  12. Carey, first and foremost, you ROCK! What an awesome and creative mom you are! I never would of thunk of your balloon idea. That is so worth stealing. My boys would LOVE it! How fun! Just in time too, my Logan will be four April 6.

    It so crazy, in Day 2 photos, I noticed your Logan has the exact same pair of jammies as my Logan. It's not all that surprising, but I thought it was cool. I'm a goober like that.

    Awesome post!


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