Monday, March 16, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

So, I've been out shopping for my gown to wear to the MOTYs. You know...the MOTYs are the annual Mama of the Year Awards. I heard through the grapevine that I'm a shoo in. It's a good thing I didn't do any of the following or I could be out of the running for this completely fictional prestigious award:

I did NOT manage to raise a kid that all of a sudden doesn't like pizza. (My husband, who used to work at a local pizza place, is now unsure whether or not the kid is really his.)

While busy cleaning the house, I did NOT tell the boys that I was too busy to find their helmets though I had just handed them their skateboards.

I do NOT routinely ask the boys, "What are we having for dinner tonight?"

When the boys said, "Mama, let's go clean up," I did NOT say, "Maybe we could just watch TV in bed instead?"

At 3:50 PM I did NOT completely freak out and think that I had left the oven on (since it said 350 on the display) since making the boys mini pizzas (at 350 degrees) before school that morning.

I do NOT sometimes turn on the TV to get the boys dressed. It is NOT so much easier to get dressed little wide-eyed slack-jawed zombies than wiggle-monsters.

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  1. Have I mentioned lately how much I love you and how much I look forward to the events leading up to your MOTY award, aka Not Me Mondays?

    I howled at this:

    "When the boys said, "Mama, let's go clean up," I did NOT say, "Maybe we could just watch TV in bed instead?"

    And then the thing about 3:50 vs 350... Classic!!!

    Sometimes, my kids get tired of pizza too, so we switch it up, we let THEM make the pizzas, make them on pita bread, or flatbread, or English muffins, or on Bisquick dough instead, just for something diff. You'd be surprised what they'll eat when they're involved in making it.

    Brandon loves you too, btw!! He was SO excited when I forwarded him the email!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  2. I DO NOT heart you blog so I'm NOT giving you something that's specially made. Grab it from the top of my blog next to the running mouse.

  3. LOL! I NEVER have the TV on when I need them to be still, that does NOT work for me :)

    So funny! I am NOT just waking up for the day at 10:30...but it's Spring Break, I'm on vacation!

    Happy Monday!

  4. Sadly, our TV is on WAY too much!!!

  5. I am always asking my kids what's for dinner. I sure wish I would start a menu planner. I can so relate.

  6. I do not let my kids eat scrambled eggs and pancakes on the couch every morning - in front of PBS because otherwise Mommy will be arrested for some sort of unfortunate early morning violent outburst.

  7. Oh yes, the tv trick works oh so well, doesn't it?

  8. Hee. I'd totally stay in bed rather than clean too!


  9. i think i need to become a follower of your blog! i love hearing you not me's. i can imagine your other posts are as entertaining!

  10. Oh no! How does a boy not like pizza? I hope he finds a tasting for it again. I know I couldn't live with out it. It's too yummy!

    Great Not me Monday post. I'll so NOT be back for more.

  11. Ha your blog is great .. just popped in! I am so NOTHING like you!

  12. Your blog is very well designed. It is my great pleasure to have met you.
    I am glad that I met you.


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