Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

There are so many wonderful mamas in the running for the MOTYs (Mama of the Year Awards). The race is really tight but as usual I was a perfect wife and mother (and daughter and friend) this week. In between working on a cure for cancer and putting an end to all wars, I put together a list of my other good deeds proving how perfect I am and why I deserve this completely fictional prestigious award:

I did NOT forget to rinse out my hair after conditioning it. I did NOT realize this after I was already partially dressed and blow-drying my hair.

As I am writing this, I am NOT pretending that there aren't strange noises coming from the next room where my youngest is.

While at Trader Joe's I did NOT, pick up a box of Candy Cane Jo-Jo cookies. Because these are a favorite of mine, I did NOT bother to check the expiration date even though these are a seasonal (Christmas-time) item. I did NOT then pick up a second box (the last on the shelf). I did NOT think that I could keep one box all for myself if I was sweet enough to share the other box with the rest of my family.

I am NOT fostering bad sleeping habits in my youngest. My husband nor I do NOT take him for a walk in the stroller to get him to bed at night. (For the record, Logan is 2 3/4 years old, not an infant.)

I am NOT so tired that I can't even think of anything else I didn't do this week. I am NOT heading to bed right now!

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  1. Oh yum....I love those cookies from Trader Joes!!! They are so not addicting!! :)

  2. Anything to get those kids to sleep...I did that with my youngest for the longest time. What ever works.
    I have forgotten to rinse my hair too, no fun at all, but funny:)

  3. I think I need to learn about these cookies but since you don't want to share, never mind.

  4. Oh, my son is the same age, and he certainly did not stay up until after 11 PM last night because he kept wanting to "play a foo more minutes".

  5. I have NOT resorted to stuff like that to get my kids to bed... including allowing them to fall alseep to *gasp* tv... Stopping over from Not Me Monday...

  6. I would do ANYTHING to get my kids to sleep at a decent hour. My children need the smallest amount of sleep of anyone on this planet!!

    Happy Monday - hope you got all the conditioner out! :)

  7. Hey, I still sit outside my girls door until they settle down. I'd rather do that than have them up constantly wanting something. It drives my husband crazy. Oh well!

  8. I have not been to Trader Joe's in years, I miss that place. Don't worry, there are never any strange noises coming out of my kids rooms ever either.

  9. nice not mes! i am ignoring a screaming child in the room upstairs myself. i totally understand!

  10. Hi, I tagged you, if you want to play stop by my blog.

  11. Id ask about the cookies too, but doesnt sound as though you want to talk about it. LOL

    Sweet dreams my friend!

    Love and Prayers,


  12. I admit hubby and I have bad sleeping habits too - we're kinda nocturnal.

  13. Trader Joe's, only one of my favorite stores that we have to drive two hours to get to the nearest one. I so know what you mean about those cookies. Delicious!


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