Friday, January 23, 2009

100 Things About Me - Installment #1

I enjoy reading bloggers' 100-things-about-me posts. However, by the 32nd thing I usually have forgotten who's blog I'm reading. (Who am I kidding? By #11 I've forgotten!)
I thought it might be fun to try and write one but in the interest of anybody-who-might-actually-read-its sanity I was thoughtful enough to break up the list. In 10 easy installments you can learn everything you ever wanted to know, didn't want to know and could careless about regarding me.

I think it's customary to do this list as your 100th post. My 10th and last installment will be my 100th post (if I can remember).

1. I have ridiculously small feet. In length my feet are a children's size 2 1/2. Honestly, its a miracle I don't fall over.

2. I have ridiculously wide feet.

3. Which is why I ALWAYS wear flip-flops.

4. So it's a good thing I live in sunny Southern California.

5. I hate bats.

6. I secretly love my Honda Odyssey minivan.

7. I not so secretly love my husband.

8. I have to sleep in a bra. (TMI?)

9. I secretly play with my boys' Legos.

10. I've swum with sharks in Belize.


  1. Ok, great idea to break it up...I did my 100 post oh so long ago on my blog before anyone was reading it. LOL
    But a bit of info for you...i used to have to sleep in a bra too..TMI, but I found those great Cami shirts at Victoria's Secret with the support in them work just the same, so I wear them all year long with pj short/pants bottoms, depending on the temps outside. They also have them at the GAP...Great list...I love getting to know you better. I have super long skinny feet. LOL

  2. do have small feet! Mine would look gargantuan next to yours, for sure! LOL!!

    I will still sleep in a bra sometimes too!!!

    Happy Saturday!

  3. No trading shoes with you. I wear size 10 womens!

  4. I sleep in a bra sometimes too...mostly because I am too lazy to remove it....and hey! I've got to see a picture of those teeny tiny feet...I'm thinking if you HAVE to sleep in a bra and your feet are THAT really IS a miracle you don't tip over! :) You will be so revered in China!

  5. You love your mini-van?! Ok, I not so secretly hate mine. As far as mini-vans go, I love the one I have (a Toyota Sienna). I long for the day I can give it up.

  6. I agree about it being a great idea to break these lists up - and more fun for us readers! (I secretly love my Honda Odyssey too. Even though I told my husband before we married that I would do anything but drive a mini-van and homeschool. Well, guess what...I do both!

  7. I sleep in a bra too! My hubby thinks I'm weird. He should meet you ;)

  8. OOPS...just saw the 'if you don't have anything nice to say' disclaimer. I say it all with love. Please remember that as times rolls on. I'm a very nice person.


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