Wednesday, February 4, 2009

100 Things About Me - Installment #2

I enjoy reading bloggers' 100-things-about-me posts. However, by the 32nd thing I usually have forgotten who's blog I'm reading. (Who am I kidding? By #11 I've forgotten!)
I thought it might be fun to try and write one but in the interest of anybody-who-might-actually-read-its sanity I was thoughtful enough to break up the list. In 10 easy installments you can learn everything you ever wanted to know, didn't want to know and could careless about regarding me.

I think it's customary to do this list as your 100th post. My 10th and last installment will be my 100th post (if I can remember).

Here is the second installment (#11-#20):
11. I cry when I hear patriotic music.

12. I wish Gilmore Girls never went off air.

13. I wear t-shirts...

14. And capri pants everyday.

15. I've never giggled as hard as when I zorbed in New Zealand.

16. I think Matchbox cars are one of the best inventions of the 20th century.

17. I've been skydiving.

18. I am a vegetarian...

19. And have been since I was 8 years old.

20. Chili's makes the best veggie burgers, in my opinion.

If you are interesting in reading more:
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  1. I love shorts and capries too...just not right now when it is 5 degrees at wake up call. ugh

  2. In the summer I wear capri's everyday too! I don't think I could be a vegetarian-- don't you find it difficult?

  3. Hey Denise,
    I've been a vegetarian for so long that its not really difficult (though I was pretty annoyed yesterday that Target didn't sell a single salad without meat). I've lived in other parts of the country and had more difficulty. Here in California we even have a fair number of vegan restaurants though I'm just a lacto-ovo vegetarian. The rest of my family eats meat but since I refuse to cook it they are vegetarians at home at omnivores when we eat out. Seems to work okay for us (but DH would love some steak or chicken at home!)

  4. I have a silly question... two, actually. What's the price of fresh veggies/fruits, milk & eggs in California... I've been trying to find someone to compare the prices of food there with the prices here. Are there times of the year when fresh fruits/veggies are more available (and cheaper) than others?

    And... this is where the "schtupid" in me shows up loud and clear... Do you eat fish? I know fish is considered meat, sort of...

    And can I add a third option, out of pure, genuine, friendly curiosity... what were your reasons for choosing to go vegetarian?

    OK. Back I go to Dorkville...

    P.S. I added to my 1-800 post on my blog last night sometime, it's not done yet, but there's a bit more since the last time you commented. :O)

  5. Hey JD,
    I'll check some grocery receipts and email you with costs. Here in CA we have fruits and veggies year-round because of our temperate climate. Besides the grocery stores we have lots of farmer's markets to get fresh local stuff.

    As for being a vegetarian, I don't eat fish or chicken. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian which means that I eat milk products and eggs.

    Nobody in my family remembers why I became a vegetarian (no one else was one). I do know it was for ethical reasons...but I don't remember the exact catalyst. My parents thought, "it's just a phase...she'll get bored of it." But it's been 27 years so I think it's safe to say that I'm not going to grow out of it. ;)

    At this point it's more a habit than anything else. I'm not overly grossed out by the sight or smell of meat, but I won't touch it or cook it. The thought of eating another animal just seems weird to me.

    Allrighty...I'm off to put the boys to bed...

  6. Carey -- thank you so much for being willing to share some more information. I find vegetarianism (is that a word?? It is now!) very interesting.

    No rush on the grocery receipt/cost -- I know how busy you are! If you can even guesstimate (another made-up-word) the cost of the basics... milk (gallon), eggs (dozen), basic fruits or veggies, etc... I won't ask the price of chicken, I promise!! *wink*

    I'm a semi-vegetarian. OK, so I guess I'll have to explain that one, huh? I follow the "What Would Jesus Eat" diet... no pork, rarely any beef (I would if I had to, but prefer not to), no shellfish, but I do eat chicken or fish, that's about it for meats. Based on Leviticus. It's really up my alley. Anyway... I babble...

  7. This is fun... I don't know how I missed your first list but I went back and checked it out. I also checked out the Zorb. Wow- that looks like a lot of fun. My parents live in Knoxville, TN, which is about 45 minutes from the Smoky Mts. Maybe I will have to try that out sometime. It looks like a blast!!

  8. Chili's? Have you tried Red Robin's? It so bad it's good. Split it with the hubby good because it's that bad. I don't even want to know how many days worth of calories and fat are in it, but it is soooo good.
    I just did my 100th post, but haven't done a 100 things about me yet, because it's too overwhelming, but I do like reading other peoples...maybe I'll try writing it in blocks of ten, too.


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