Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100 Things About Me - Installment #3

I enjoy reading bloggers' 100-things-about-me posts. However, by the 32nd thing I usually have forgotten who's blog I'm reading. (Who am I kidding? By #11 I've forgotten!)
I thought it might be fun to try and write one but in the interest of anybody-who-might-actually-read-its sanity I was thoughtful enough to break up the list. In 10 easy installments you can learn everything you ever wanted to know, didn't want to know and could careless about regarding me.

I think it's customary to do this list as your 100th post. My 10th and last installment will be my 100th post (if I can remember).

Here is the third installment (#21-#30):
21. Nothing makes me happier than my two boys being sweet to each other.

22. I love my bed.

23. I love to sleep.

24. I love pajamas. (Are you sensing a theme?)

25. I thought I lost my eyesight while snorkling in the Cook Islands.*

26. Coke Zero is my drink of choice.

27. My parents are my greatest role models.

28. Kiwi makes my lips and tongue go numb.

29. I have a congenital heart defect.

30. My husband and I sleep European style (no flat sheet or blanket, just a fitted sheet and a duvet). (TMI?)

* A funny story for another day...

If you are interesting in reading more:
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  1. I LOVE your lists :D And I wanna know more about this European thing... LOL!

    Snorkeling story better be your next post, lady!!

  2. I didn't know that sleeping that way was considered European!! LOL

    Oh..I love kiwi!!

  3. Welcome to the club! My aunt said if ever there was a sleep marathon, I would win.

  4. My husband and I sleep the same way. Too funny. Avacadoes make my mouth and lips go numb sometimes.

  5. I, too, LOVE to sleep. I don't think it's possible to EVER have enough!

  6. #27 is so special. You are blessed!

    I enjoyed this list and cannot wait for more!

  7. bed, sleep, jammies....you're my hero!

    But, Coke Zero. Let's talk. Don't you feel as if it gives you an unusual taste left over in your mouth? I like it but that part drives me crazy.

    Of course, it's especially unfair of me to analyze YOUR top 100 list so I'm shutting up now.

  8. My husband and I sleep the same way too!

  9. Glad you didn't lose your eyesight. What a pisser that would've been. Can't wait to hear more on that story! So glad I came across your blog. It rocks and so do you!

  10. I have the kiwi problem too. I love kiwi but it weirds me out that it makes me numb. I tried putting it in one of the magic bullet things to see if I could drink it and it was SO gross!! I do not recommend it at all. I'll have my numbness.


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