Monday, February 9, 2009

A Tip for Tuesday

I've been known to post sarcastic tips about various things: what to do when in public and the front of your shirt is covered in poop, how to use lollipop goop as a hair-styling product and how to "even out" a stain on your kiddos' clothes.

But today I'm posting a REAL tip, sans sarcasm.

For Jack's upcoming birthday we are going to Disneyland in lieu of a party. I'm not a Disney fan (gasp! can someone admit that without being stoned to death?). In my humble opinion, it is not the happiest place on earth. But we've never taken the kids so I will be seeing things with fresh eyes for my eldest's birthday. But thinking about the dreaded upcoming trip has reminded me about the safety precautions our family takes when we head out to crowded places.

  • When we get to our destination I take close-up and full length photos of the boys with my digital camera. The boys just think I'm being a mamarazzi when in reality I'm recording exactly what they look like (clothes and all) in case we are separated. I can show the photos to park security (or god forbid, the police) if need be.
  • Since our boys are so young and I don't want to freak them out with 'stranger danger' info just yet, we keep it simple. We make sure they know that if we get separated they should find a mama to talk to. I know personally that if a child came up to me saying that they were lost, I'd stay with them until their parents were found even after park security was brought in to help. I can only hope that another mama would do the same for my kids.
  • Lastly, I have the boys wear dog collars. (No, not around their necks. But as bracelets.) They are thin nylon straps custom made extra small (think a Chihuahua's neck). Each is embroidered with just my cell phone number. The boys know that after they tell another mama that they are lost, they should show them the numbers on their bracelets.

I certainly hope all these safety precautions are for naught. But better safe than sorry, right? Anyone have any further ideas for really young kids?


  1. Thats my motto! Better safe than sorry, but specially with your kids. Have a great time and bring back lots of picks!

    Love and Prayers for safe travel,


  2. Those are some of the BEST TIPS I've ever heard!! I'll have to write those down!! Thank you!

  3. Those ideas were awesome. You are thinking. I will totally use those ideas when we go to the amusement parks this summer. Thanks.

  4. Terrific tips! The photograph one is awesome! Your bracelet idea is MUCH classier than what I did last time we went to an amusement park. I wrote my phone number up their arm in marker...LOL

  5. Great ideas! I write my cell phone number on a piece of paper and put it in their pockets but the bracelets are much nicer! also I dress them in bright colors so they are easy to spot in a crowd.

  6. Great ideas!! Taking phots of THAT day is an excellent idea! Up to date pics and exactly what they are wearing!

  7. What very clever tips! I didn't think of the full length photos NOR the bracelet. Great ideas.

    And, experiencing Disney through a child's eyes is fun, I promise. :-) We've done WDW many times, Disneyland two summers ago, and HK Disney too. :-)

  8. good tips! i hadn't thought or heard of any of them-so thanks! hopefully, we'll never need them, though, right?

  9. That is brilliant.

    I hear you are adopting from China , wow how exciting , I have a niece from China she is a real treasure , gosh I adore her.


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