Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

The competition is getting fierce for the MOTYs (Mama of the Year Awards). As usual I was a perfect wife and mother (and daughter and friend) this week. Here are just a few examples of my exemplary mothering showcasing why I deserve this completely fictional prestigious award:

I did NOT laugh and oblige Logan when he begged for a band-aid on his nose after he banged it (though it was not bleeding thereby not worthy of a band-aid according to our family rules) just because I thought it would be a cute photo op.

I did NOT buy both Jack and Logan new rather expensive Sigg bottles (though they already have two each) in an effort to get them to drink more water. I mean really, who needs expensive gadgets to get their kids to drink the most natural thing on the planet.

After writing about how anti-Happy Meals I am, I did NOT let my husband take the boys to McD0n@lds for dinner so I could get a couple minutes of peace and quiet.

We give time-outs at our house and their length is based on the age of the person getting the time-out. So Logan gets 2 minutes and Jack gets 3. Recently, Scott told the boys I had a time-out (because I needed a bit of a break). I did NOT jokingly called out to my husband, "I get 34 minutes, right?" He gave me a quizzical look. Apparently I had forgotten that I am not 34 years old.

Upon hearing that the new girl at Jack and Logan's school fell and possibly broke her arm, I did NOT ask whether or not my boys were anywhere near her at the time she fell. (They were not.)

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  1. Howling....!!!!!!

    I so would not have asked if my kids were anywhere near the child with the broken arm too!

    LOL @ "I get 34 minutes too, right"... hey, when's my turn for a time out? I'd love 34 minutes of bliss, uh, time to myself.

    We have the same "must be heavily bleeding" rule for band-aids :)

  2. I would really like a time out too. Sounds good to me. I wuuld love to see that bandaid photo. I am sure cute. When kids get hurt I ask mine if they were near too. lOL

  3. When I first got the princess band-aids, Maya insisted that I put one on each finger, claiming the cats have been scratching her, I couldn't find any evidence of that, but she did gat a few band-aids :).

  4. We have the same rule about band-aids! I once went to pick up my son at preschool and one of the other boys had a very blood nose, I immediately asked if my kid was to blame. He, thankfully was not and the teacher looked at me funny for asking that, but let's just say I'm not the mom who thinks her kids can do no wrong -- I know better!

  5. I loved this list!! I tend to forget my age, too... but I'd love a break based on my age. I guess that's a good reason to want to get older!! The last one really got me. That would be my first concern, too.

    My latest post: Monday Moment

  6. so funny! i am totally with you in the whole time out thing. my youngest daughter gave her daddy a time out the day before he turned 32. i told him he was lucky that it wasn't the next day! my girls (maya 3 and brin 2) didn't think it was as funny as i did.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. We have the same bandaid rule in my house (which never seems to take) I have to give band aids when they got the tiny cuticle skin hanging off the side of the finger. I'm investing in band aids, I think.

  8. Heck, I'll very happily be 100 if it gets me 100 minutes of peace!!!

    I really need to start the Not Me Monday thing. Maybe in the summer when I'm not consumed with school..........

  9. Great Not Me! I love the timeout one - too funny!

  10. Hi fellow Mifan Mommy- thanks for stopping by my blog. WISH the pic was of my daughter! she's my sponsor daughter. We hope to start the paperchase in the next few months. Love your Not Me's.

  11. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you did because I have really enjoyed nosing around your blog and also want to join in on the Other Side of the Camera Challenge! Love your pictures, your family is adorable! (and I think we all either have a band-aid rule or own stock in the company! My girls love band-aids - but a roll of scotch tape can entertain them for hours as well :) )

  12. Hey great NOT me' and your boys are funny. I also snuck a peak at the previous post and laughed at every thought! Your a funny momma!

  13. Hey, I think you're REALLY close to winning the MOTY award! And when you do, I have the PERFECT dress, that is if you don't mind wearing the one I wore to the Bloggy Awards.


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