Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Another week has come and gone and I can hardly believe that I'm still in the running for the MOTYs (Mama of the Year Awards). Actually, I guess I can believe it because I'm a perfect wife and mother (and daughter and friend). The MOTYs must have heard of my exemplary mothering this week to keep me in the running for this completely fictional prestigious award. Here are just a few examples:

Sometimes I do NOT still forget to have my boys brush their teeth even after I did NOT make an eclectic centerpiece of their vitamins, toothbrushes and toothpaste on the table we eat our meals at.

I do NOT let Logan watch way too much TV in the mornings because he gets up at 5AM and I'm desperate to try and get a few more seconds of shut-eye.

I did NOT beg and plead with my sons' preschool director to not close early (at 11:45AM!) on rainy days. I can surely find something to do indoors to entertain my boys for several hours a day.

The boys and I did NOT drive my husband to work in the morning, drive back to his work to take him to lunch and drive to pick him after work all in one day in an effort to "entertain" my kids on a rainy day.

I did NOT pass out at 9PM from sheer exhaustion (falling asleep in clothes) when I had dirty dishes overflowing the sink and several loads of laundry in desperate need of washing. (Hmmm...I guess I should also say that I did have NOT dirty dishes overflowing the sink and several loads of laundry in desperate need of washing.)

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  1. It so did NOT rain in Southern Cali.... no way... not there, no.... never....!!!!!!!!

    Say it ain't so........... hey, want some snow too?

  2. kids love taking drives! They would be so happy to have lunch w/ daddy on his lunch break!

  3. Too funny about the rainy days...for us it is snow. ugh

  4. I DID NOT spent too much time online today and I DID NOT forget to do the laundry.

  5. I don't have mountains of laundry to do either! And if I did I certainly wouldn't be avoiding it by reading other people's blogs!

  6. They close early for RAIN?! I thought OUR schools were crazy. MAN!

    No w

  7. (Apparently I hit enter before I was done!)

    No worries! The MOTY committee would never read blogs and they will have no idea of what you DON'T do! :)

  8. Yikes! There must be alot of rain there! I totally want to teach at your son's preschool Especially on rainy days.

  9. I am with you on the early t.v. watching. I have 4 boys and 2 are really early risers, so t.v. it is!!
    I also have a Jack, precious name!

  10. Sometimes getting the kids in the car and getting out of the house is SO worth it! I am with you on that one!
    I have so much trouble remembering the teeth thing, too. It drives me crazy b/c I want them to have healthy habits and then I just keep forgetting. I guess I will see how things are going since my 5 year old has a dentist check up tomorrow.

  11. Oh oh oh, I am with you on the "drive dad to work, meet for lunch, pick him up" thing! I have SO been there and done that. Glad it is not just me.

    One of these days, I will join in the Not Me posts. When there is no school. Maybe summertime???

  12. Wow thats awesome on your possible award! Hears to hoping and praying you win it. It would be well deserved Im sure.

    Love and Prayers,



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