Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Tip #28

After putting your child in a white shirt (which you rarely do because that would be extremely foolish) and he spills thick dark purple acia berry juice all down the front and you try all the stain removal tricks you know over the course of several days to no avail, simply splash more thick dark acia berry juice on the back of the shirt and sleeves and tell all your friends you got it at that trendy kid's boutique where all the celebrities shop.

This tip sponsored by Jack!


  1. Now that is clever! Hand made ty die on a flash. I love it.

    Just noticed you have a button. I will post it now!!! Im so excited.

  2. Great one! I am liking your style...normal it goes in the trash around here...but no longer thanks to Jack! What a genius.

  3. Now aren't you creative? I would have just tossed the shirt and started over with a new one!!

  4. You just make me day... over and over again. You rock, mamma, you rock!!

  5. Jack, now you need to convince your mommy to do this on purpose and SELL these shirts!

  6. Ha ha. That's funny!
    BTW, you have 98 "followers"? That's awesome!!!


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