Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hold me to it!

This year I cheated on the valentines for the boys to hand out at their preschool. I wanted to be one of those mamas with the kids handing out homemade valentines. I was thinking that my boys (at 2 3/4 and almost 4 years old) were a bit too young to make "nice" valentines.

So tomorrow Jack will be giving his friends red and white bouncy balls and Logan is passing out zipper pulls (cupcakes for the girls and pirates for the boys).

Next year we are going to make these heart shaped crayons:

And I'm posting this 1.) to remind myself that though the boys can't yet operate the oven, they can and will break crayons and 2.) so that on the off chance anyone is still reading this blog a year from now and actually remembers that I made this promise they can hold me to it!


  1. Oh, I used to love collecting all the cards from friends in elementary school! I remember the teacher calling out our names to walk up and get them!

  2. Oh trust me, I will SOOOOOOOO hold you to that, because I really, really want to know how to do that. That would make a fun activity for the kids and I to do on a snowy day, and goodness knows there's LOTS of snowy days.

    Better yet, next year, if I'm in California, the kids and I can get together with you and your kids, and we'll all make them -- please hold ME to that, ok??!? PRETTY PLEASE??! LOL!

  3. I would hold you to nothing! :) We did the preprinted ones here....

  4. i did those crayons and my tins have never been the'll have to do a tutorial when you do yours!


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