Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So many lists, so little time...

By reading my blog you'd never know that I majored in Professional Non-Fiction Writing in college. (Yes, that was a real major at my university.) I'm an editor by nature. Give me something already written and I can make it better. But if, I have to start from scratch...forget about it. The only thing I'm proficient at are lists. I love to write lists. I make lists for:
  • grocery stores, Costco and Target which I organize by the items' location in the store
  • places to travel to someday
  • to-do items which I divide into three categories: errands, small things to accomplish at home like phone calls and emails, and larger home projects like organizing the pantry
  • things around the house to donate
  • possible blog posts
And, of course, I couldn't resist putting my lists in a list!


  1. I am a huge list maker too. I love lists. It is scary how many lists I have and one of my friends just laughs at my lists. They keep me on task and save me time. So I love and need them.

  2. Well, you beat me big time on the list making thing!!! You are a List Maker as opposed to my note taking (see the difference????).

    But I am so with you on the list thing. It really does help make my life go more smoothly. Usually.....

  3. i also make lists. now if only i actually DID the things on the list!


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