Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Of course...

Of course...of course...of course!
Of course, my first real day of freedom never happened.

Yesterday, I took both boys to school and Logan seemed fine. So after about 15 minutes I left. Ah, freedom! Finally I get that precious 'me' time! Of course, I went grocery shopping. I followed that up with putting away the groceries, of course, and cleaning the very dirty kitchen. All of this good fun was followed by laundry, of course. And then it was time to pick the boys up.

So, today was supposed to be THE DAY. I had gotten some chores out of the way yesterday so that today could be filled with endless 'me' possibilities.

Today I could exercise.*
Today I could get a pedicure.*
Today I could go shopping for some new clothes.*
Today I could get a haircut.*
Today I could read a book on an outside patio while enjoying a way too expensive drink.

Of course, none of those things happened.
Of course, the boys stayed home sick.
Of course!

*I haven't done any of these things in years (well, except the haircut which has been more than 9 months). So, have I painted a pretty good visual of what I must look like? Overweight, scraggly-toed, out-of-date clothed, hippy-haired old me!


  1. Oh Carey. I hate to laugh at your misery but that was a funny post.

    Here's to hoping and praying that you get that day soon!


  2. That is too funny. Always seems to happen that way. Funny thing...all those things you listed I need as well. Tomorrow I am getting a haircut. Woo to the hoo! But we will probably get a snow storm and the kids school will be cancelled and then so will haircut. LOL Here's to next week:)

  3. Oh man, you just described me too. Thanks a lot!

    Seriously, I am sorry you didn't get your "me" day. I hope the next one is significantly better!! And, I hope the boys are feeling better quickly.

  4. oh man! Sorry your 'me' day didn't work out:-(
    I know how you feel...I am even taking two of my kids to work with me today! LOL

  5. Girl, I didn't put on any makeup today and didn't think a thing of it until about 5:00 pm when I went to the bathroom after a neighbor had dropped by and looked at me kind of strange. And then when I saw what he saw... now that I think of it, I think it was the first time I went pee all day...

    But I digress.

    I'm sorry you didn't get your "me" day but it will come and come soon! think about spending it like I spent mine when Jenna went to 3 year old preschool 2 days a week before I got the babies-- camped in a chair watching a marathon of Grey's Anatomy Season 1 DVD's and eating Chinese food. Fun times. The sad thing is I thought I was in heaven!

    Just be sure to post about your "me" time. Let me live vicariously through you. Please. I'm begging...


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