Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rock star demands

My boys love music and will often perform for us. Very often their rock concerts are followed by their shouting "Thank you! Thank you very much!" before they throw their guitars into the audience. Scott was wondering what their performance contracts would look like once they become famous rock know, all the divaish stuff they would demand at each concert.

Jack's demands:
  • cold drinks to be served in cup cozies so his hands don't get too cold
  • lollipops in every size and flavor possible. He'd also like an "assistant" to hold them for him as he doesn't like his hands to get sticky
  • red Gatorade
  • blue only plates, bowls and cups
  • another "assistant" to hold and comfort Nutmeg (the stuffed cat) who might be sad while Jack is on stage performing

Logan's demands:
  • 1 large bag of clementines with two bowls (1 for the rinds and 1 for the sectioned pieces ready to eat)
  • Herbie Fully Loaded cued up on the portable DVD player to the final race scene
  • an "assistant" to build him forts and small spaces that he can squeeze into to calm himself before the big show (the smaller the space, the better!)
  • hot chocolate in a sippy cup
  • another "assistant" to hand feed him his meals so that he doesn't have to be confined to sitting at a table but can wander around to "create"

How about your kids? What would they insist in their performance contract?


  1. Too cute. Your boys are adorable. Don't you just love their performances? So fun. Their list of demands are cute too.

  2. Trace would need his computer, Ross his own personal Starbucks barrista, Julia would need to bring a friend, Jenna would need her mommy, Ryan would want Yo Gabba Gabba and Emma would need a mountain of bottles-- some with formula and some empty to suck on like a pacifier.

    Me? What would I require? Is there any type of character limit on the comment section?

  3. Oh Yeah, stop by my blog -- I've got something for you there!

  4. What would my kids want?? Probably more than I would provide. :-)

    Your boys are too cute!! I always love your updates. They make me laugh everytime.

  5. Asher would demand:
    - Sippy cup with juice
    - His baby blanket
    - A tractor and thomas train

    The list would never stop. The kid loves the stage.
    Cute post!


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