Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it wrong to have a favorite?

I probably shouldn't be saying this. I mean, I feel guilty even admitting it. But I have a favorite. Is that wrong?

No, not a favorite kid! A favorite blog.
I don't remember how I stumbled upon Denise's blog, There's Always Room For One More, or even how long I've been reading it but it's what inspired me to start a blog. I didn't use to read many blogs but after reading every post at There's Always Room For One More I would think to myself, "I've gotta start writing too. If my blog is half as entertaining as hers I"ll be happy."

Denise is a mom to 6 kids ranging in age from 21 to 1 (I think). Her family is a mix of adopted and biological kids (like my own will be someday). Her writing is filled with humor, grace, playfulness and strength. And in honor of her 200th post she is doing a giveaway.

If you don't read it already, I highly recommend it (obviously):


  1. That was so sweet, but I totally thought I was your favorite. LOL I am going to check hers out...your blog is great!

  2. Carey I dont think its wrong at all to have a favorite. Its your blog and you can say what you want. If people dont want to read it then thats there choice right?

    Speaking of adoption by the way, I was adopted myself and can tell you that there couldnt be a finer thing to do than adopt. This says so much about who you are as a person.

    Gods Blessings!

  3. Carey, I KNEW I liked you! How could I not when you say such sweet things about me! Thank you!

  4. Geesh, just tried to post something but blogger kicked me off. If it appears twice, delete one!!!

    I love Denise's blog too. I have known her since 2004 when we adopted our first kids from China. We reconnected recently------and I am SO glad!!

    As well as being a great friend, she makes me feel so normal. I need all the help I can get in that matter.

    Hee hee!!

  5. I'll have to check it out! I have a few fave blogs too! :)


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