Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

So, I've been out shopping for my gown to wear to the MOTYs. You know...the MOTYs are the annual Mama of the Year Awards. I heard through the grapevine that I'm a shoo in. It's a good thing I didn't do any of the following or I could be out of the running for this completely fictional prestigious award:

Every single day at 5PM, I do NOT think to myself "what the heck is for dinner tonight?" I am much more organized than that. I do NOT alternate standing in front of the fridge and pantry, while scratching my head.

When my nearly 4 year old said I could pick what we watched on TV, I did NOT say Desperate Housewives.

I do NOT groan and pout and drag my butt into my room to wake Logan from his nap at 4 every day. I do NOT wonder whether it's worth destroying his schedule just so I can have a couple more quiet minutes.

I do NOT think that Nesquik is the 7th food group. But if I did, I would NOT make myself feel less guilty by rationalizing that it's okay because we buy the no-sugar-added version and equate it to a kids multi-vitamin.

I do NOT regularly forget to give my kids their vitamins. I do NOT think to myself "thank goodness that the boys drink enough Nesquik to get their daily nutrition!"

I did NOT laugh out loud at my youngest son as he strolled by me wearing his latest odd getup which consisted of 2 Coffee Bean cup sleeves as arm bands, a construction helmet, a oven mitt and 2 of my husbands socks pulled all the way up his skinny little legs to his crotch.

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  1. I hear you got it sealed up too. You got my vote. I stand in the kitchen too everyday at 5 wondering what we are going to have for dinner. I hate to cook.

  2. Ok, so I love to cook...but geez college and life seem to be getting in the way! LOVE your blog design!

  3. Okay..I'm not alone w/ the dinner meals!! LOL!!

    LOL about the Nesquik!! My kids would probably love that!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm going to add your button to my blog roll!

  4. I totally do not relate to the Desperate Housewives thing. I mean I did not turn on Desperate Housewives last night thinking Jake was too sick on the couch to pay attention and then I did not have to attempt to answer his question about what happened to Mary Alice. I'm so glad I did not do that otherwise you would not have any competition in the MOTY awards.
    And the dinner thing...I have no idea what you're talking about. I do not have any trouble thinking about what to fix.

  5. Love the Not Me's. The dinner thing, so Not Me. Lol

  6. Ok, for that last one- you really should share a picture! I bet he looked really funny, er, I mean, cute. :)

  7. Got your message!! I sent you an invite. Clever way to get the message to me! Sorry I didn't see it sooner -- I check your blog daily, but my laptop had a Humpty Dumpty, and I'm still searching for all the kings' horses and all the kings' men -- at least, the men with knowledge on how to fix computers with broken hard drives or something, LOL!



  8. I'm the same way about the vitamin substitute thing :) And that little fashionable get-up sounds like a true photo op!

    Happy Not Me Monday!

  9. Speaking of not knowing what to make for supper - I am not so happy my hubby will be away on business this week just because that means I only have to make some sort of noodles or hot dogs - since that is all my kids will eat anyway.

  10. Thanks for not making me go into a coughing fit from (not) laughing so hard at the 7th food group... I'm SO not wondering what your version of the 5th and 6th food groups are, LOL!!! Maybe the 7th food group falls into the "was a fruit/vegetable (cocoa bean or strawberry), but was made better by being warped into something else and, uhm, enhanced by extra doses of goodness"...

    Lucky me -- my saving grace is that the kids LOVE their vitamins and remind me every 24 hours on-the-dot that they need their next one. Crazy monkeys!

    I did not roll myself up in a big fuzzy orange blankie on Sunday afternoon and watch "Untold Stories of the ER" on TLC for 4 hours... nooooo, not me! That being said, I did remember to plan for supper, ha ha!


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