Monday, January 12, 2009

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • made his teacher cry because he was so sweet saying "That's okay, Mama. I'll take care of him" when I told him that his younger brother might get sad when I left the classroom
  • said "I've got to lay off of the cashews because I'm getting older"
  • has me apply his temporary tattoos upside down on his belly so he can see them when he looks down

Which little love bug:
  • managed to completely soak my pantleg in pee while sitting 2 inches from the potty
  • shouts "Wock 'n Woll" when playing his miniature guitar
  • locked my car's steering wheel while pretending to be a race car driver so that I had to have my husband come from work to rescue us


  1. Funny! They are just so sweet!

  2. I love this post. So cute...the pictures are great too. Aren't boys the funnest?

  3. alright...i am jealous. and your boys sound so sweet! must be the weather....:)

  4. Oh what sweet boys! My favorites were the "laying off the cashews" and locking your steering wheel. And I can just hear "Wock and Woll!".

  5. well even after all that he is still just the cuttest little boy!! And isn't great that you still love him after all that!!:) I am way excited about school it will be really hard and may come quicker than i thought but it will be so good thank you for your comments on my blog again i love it it keeps me motivated with the whole blog thing!!


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