Thursday, April 2, 2009

100 Things About Me - Installment #8

I enjoy reading bloggers' 100-things-about-me posts. However, by the 32nd thing I usually have forgotten who's blog I'm reading. (Who am I kidding? By #11 I've forgotten!)
I thought it might be fun to try and write one but in the interest of anybody-who-might-actually-read-its sanity I was thoughtful enough to break up the list. In 10 easy installments you can learn everything you ever wanted to know, didn't want to know and could careless about regarding me.

I think it's customary to do this list as your 100th post. My 10th and last installment will be my 100th post (if I can remember).

Here is the eighth installment (#71-80):
71. I am a world class procrastinator.

72. I have hiked the world's most beautiful trek, the Milford Track; 35 miles in New Zealand.

73. I'm very organized but...

74. My house is messy.

75. One of my toes doesn't touch the ground so I only leave a four-toe footprint.

76. I wish I liked to exercise.

77. I am so thankful that my family eats dinner together every night.

78. I inherited my blue eyes from both my grandmothers.

79. I love, love, love Mexican food.

80. Though she isn't born yet (or even conceived), I think of our daughter everyday.

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  1. Hi Carey! I'm totally a procrastinator too!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love your list:)

    I am working on my list:)


  3. Those are great! I love reading these :) It would be interesting to see your footprint :)
    I'm also the best procrastinator you could find, if maybe 2nd to you! And...I'm the world's worst organizer, but try to keep my house picked don't open my closets or drawers! lol! Also, thanks for the sweet comments! our 'rich' 'coffee table' is a 'toy box', well-distressed by the kids! that houses all the polly pockets, littlest pet shop and all things tiny! The rocking chair is from a flea market. Luckily pictures don't show dust, either :)

  4. Love these posts... I love learning more about you!

    The toe thing is cool! Just don't commit any crimes, k? J/K So is it safe to say that the boys inherited their eyes from their mamma?

  5. I eat Mexican food almost every day! I couldn't live without it. In fact, I'm taking the kids to Don Pablo's tonight. :)

  6. You've hiked in New Zealand? I would love to go to New Zealand. Hey! Maybe we'll go to New Zealand on The Amazing Race!

  7. JD,
    I can't tell you how many barefoot jewel heists I've done! I've been a suspect several times but when the coppers ask to see my feet they just notice that I actually have 5 toes...they never take my footprint! Whew!

    I loved New Zealand. Besides the hiking I did underwater tubing, rappeling into a cave, Zorbing...they have so many fun activities there. I'm the type of traveler that wants to see as many places as possible before I die. I'm not a fan of going back to someplace I've already been. But I'd make an exception for New Zealand because I'd love to take my kids there one day.

  8. I too love Mexican food. My favorite. I am also very organized, but here lately have a messy house:) I also wish I liked to exercise. I can so relate to this installment of things to know about you.

  9. are you a world traveler? i am jealous!

  10. I am SUCH a procrastinator too...apparently its an important part of the creating process...or something;)
    Love reading all about you:)

  11. I am intrigued by the 4 toe/5 toe thing. How unusual is that??

    You have certainly led a world traveler kind of life. Very cool!

  12. I have dark brown eyes that change to hazel when I wear green. But everyone else in my family has blue eyes. Odd, isn't it?

  13. Wow, New Zeland! I'm impressed. I would love to go there one day. Have a great day!


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