Monday, April 20, 2009

Special delivery!

Ding dong!

Oh, crap...I just opened the backdoor. The alarm panel is beeping, imploring me to come turn it off. The boys are asleep in the car and need to be moved to their beds for naptime. But there is someone at the front door. Which is weird because there is never anyone at our front door...

It's a package! Woohoo! A box of goodies from ecostore USA. Hmmm...I'm torn between ripping open the box or doing the responsible thing and getting sleeping Jack and Logan out of the car. (You'll have to guess what I did first...I'll never tell!)

Inside are three great products; Dishwash Liquid, Vanilla Shampoo and Baby Sleepytime Bath. And as it just so happens that I have some dirty dishes, dirty hair and dirty kids so I'm excited to get started using the products right away.

Exhibit A: Clean dishes thanks to ecostore's Diswash Liquid
Upon looking at the label of the Dishwash Liquid I realize that I can pronounce every single ingredient. No crazy chemical names. How often does that happen?

Exhibit B: Clean hair thanks to ecostore's Vanilla Shampoo
Yes, that really is a picture of the back of my head at the beach today. Soft, shiny, sweet-smelling hair...

Exhibit C: Clean (and sleepy!) kids thanks to ecostore's Baby Sleepytime Bath
This product uses aromatherapy, specifically oil of lavender, to relax the kiddos. Heck, it's so fragrant that Scott, sitting in the bathroom overseeing the boys' bath, got sleepy.

And of course, everything about the products (including the packaging and the shipping materials) is environmentally friendly. Would you expect anything less from a store called ecostore?

Since we are all about recycle-reduce-reuse at my house we found a way to reuse the box...or is this recycling since Logan's using it for a car? I always get a bit confused between the two...

I loved all three products and can't wait until I get to use them again tomorrow. If there are three things I can count on, it's dirty dishes, dirty hair and dirty kids.

And here are some other reasons why I love these products:
  • They smell great
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Safe for your body and the planet
  • They smell great (oh, wait, did I already mention that?)
  • No animal testing
  • Free shipping on all orders $25 and up
  • Made in New Zealand, a place that I've been lucky enough to travel to and really want to go back with the boys
Besides ecostore products being available online, they are also in Meijer stores in the Midwest for those of you lucky enough to live near one. The NZ founder, Malcolm Rands, is also giving eco-talks in Meijer stores this month. (Click here for locations and dates.)

And last, but certainly not least, ecostore was generous enough to provide me with a $25 gift certificate that I'm including in a "get green starter kit" giveaway later this week.

Alright...I'm off to tuck in my sweet-smelling, clean, sleepy boys.


  1. Wow..those products sound awesome, and your hair looks so shiny!!!!!!!!

  2. Never used them before. Hmmmm I need to win your box o'goodies.

  3. And boy oh boys your boys are dolls!

  4. How fun...I'm feeling a little sleepy over here, too....zzzzzzz

    LOL! What another great giveaway! Love your pictures! night, night! Oh wait, I just got up for the day...oh well!

  5. I love their stuff too, great give away!

  6. Those sounds great and your hair does look awesome! That's a very fun thing to get in the mail!

  7. Wow... Sounds great. And your hair looks terrific!

  8. I need to get some of that shampoo for Jenna. Her hair looks a lot like yours and I have a hard time with shampoos dulling the shine on her hair.

  9. Yeah, I live near several Meijer stores. I will have to check them out. Thanks! Beautiful hair too.

  10. Your hair looks freakin' AWESOME!!!!

  11. dang girl.. nice hair!! mine is FRIED like a KFC bird.. lol.. but

  12. beautiful hair!
    Thanks for sharing about this product!

  13. I'm sorry - I really respect you and the whole green thing, but I am still completely focused on the fact that you are sitting on the beach. It has been so chilly and rainy here in Chicago - just waiting for a lovely day where ........ I can....... shut all lights and heat and..........spend the day outside!

  14. Ooh, does the vanilla shampoo really smell as good as it sounds?

    If there's anything you count on... bahaha, so true, so true!


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