Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Momentous Sunday and Surprising Monday

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Happy random ramblings from the previous two days...

Momentous Sunday
Yesterday was surprisingly momentous. It started out rather lazily as we didn't have any place to be until 11 (a bowling birthday party) which is very late for us. Our only distraction was lots of pee-soaked underwear. And I mean a lot...like 4 pairs in an hour. For several hours.

See back in January, maybe even February, I was planning on doing a post about being diaperfree in 2009. Logan started preschool on January 5th and he was supposed to be potty trained. But things didn't go as planned. Logan had other ideas. He is what I would call a stubborn potty trainee.

After a couple of weeks I gave up. Since the boys' school is a co-op, there is a daily turnover on the parent handling bathroom duty (pun not intended). Plus I'm there two days a week to take care of his needs. So we've been sliding by.

But I decided that the boys' spring break isn't torture enough for me...I'll try potty training Logan again. The first couple of hours were bad...I already said "I quit" several times. Then Scott (in a brief shining moment of brilliant parenting) decided to let him go au natural in the backyard. He happily played in the buff for quite sometime...and with no clothes to soil, there were no accidents!

I, too, had a brief shining moment of brilliant parenting. I decided to get out Jack's kid-friendly scissors and talk about "the hair." I let him cut some of my hair (oh, what a mama won't do for her kids) and he...let...me...cut...some...of...his! Then I promised him the sun, the moon and the stars if he agreed to get a haircut after his friend's birthday party. (In actuality, I told him it would be a secret mission and we would surprise Papa.)

Instead of the sun, the moon and the stars I promised, he shrewdly negotiated no nap, dinner at the restaurant of his choice and a toy to be purchased immediately after the haircut. I also had to agree to call it a hair trim (not a cut which apparently is a bad word to Jack) and to remove, by force if necessary, the stylist's clippers. Only scissors were to be used.

After the party, Jack and I dropped Scott and a sleeping Logan at home and got our secret mission underway. {Insert Mission Impossible theme song - Dun nun naaaaaaaaaa, dun nun naaaaaaaaaa, dunt dunt, dunt dunt...} Jack was so brave and did so well. I can't tell you how proud I was of him. It took quite awhile because he had so much hair. I don't love the cut...um, I mean trim...but I can see his face and he seems to have conquered his phobia. I could have kissed Esther, the stylist, but I don't think she would have been down with that.

We headed to Target for a toy and then picked the rest of the family up for a Makes-Mama-Happy Meal at Wahoo's...Jack's pick, of course.

Surprising Monday
Today was the first day of spring break. And I can not lie...when I woke up this morning I was filled with terror. How would I fill 5 full days with two hellions crazed little boys?

Well, I'm delighted to report that I survived day 1 unscathed. (You do know this means that tomorrow will be a disaster, right?) We spent a lot of time at home this morning, something we never do, so that Logan could be pantless. They played outside. They played inside. But best of all, they played nicely. Then we made a quick stop at a playground and off to the grocery store. (And yes, luckily, I remembered to put some pants on Logan!)

The boys were remarkable well-behaved in the grocery store thanks to a car (with 2 steering wheels, thank goodness!) attached to the cart. We bought sandwiches from the deli and had a car picnic. (Yes, I am the weird mama tailgating in the grocery store parking lot. Got a problem with it? Didn't think so!) And then, nap time! Hallelujah!

Anyone taking bets on how horrible tomorrow will be?


  1. Love the new haircut. So cute! That bottomless picture is just priceless. Hope potty training is all done by the end of Spring break. You can do it:)

  2. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for the post about Jack's hair TRIM, and it was worth it and then some... beautiful!! I'm SO proud of him, way to go, Jack!!! He looks great, how does he feel about it now? What was hubby's reaction?

    Yay Jack!!!!!

    It took until Jillian was five, almost six, before Jillian was fully "day trained". She spent more time naked than not. She hated clothes, and I hate laundry, so there!

  3. That was a good idea to go in the buff! Of course, no accidents..LOL!!

    Love the haircut!! But, I still loved his long surfer hairstyle!!

  4. The birthday suit pic is priceless!

  5. I have some funny pictures of Alex playing outside 'nudie'! They are so cute! He was hard to potty train, but Emily was much easier.
    Awesome haircut, what a cutie! (But I thought he was cute before, too!) have fun on Spring Break! I hope you can relax and enjoy just being home!

  6. I love the hair cut!! It is very cute.

    I hope you survive spring break. Tailgating in the grocery store parking lot puts you off to a good start. :-)

  7. OH, to be pantless! i think that's what i am going to have to do with my 2nd child. your boys are so great to give you a good day! may the peace be with you for the rest of the week.

  8. His hair "trim" looks great! Way to go! Sorry I have no advice about potty training, but I do love the pic of him riding in the nude...it's one that goes into the "show future girlfriends" section.

  9. Girlfriend your liking writing a chapter in my life!

    1. I potty trained ALL 3 of mine by using the naked method for a week. And it workied on all of them. I would put a long t shirt on them if someone would stop by but other than that they were free birding the whole time!

    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE picniks in the car!! We still do it.

    3. He hair looks so good and I udes the same sneaky, I mean smart method on my middle son.

    You get MAD momma props today girl!!

  10. apparently I was so excited while writing this, I did not see all misspellings. You mention naked hiney cheeks and picniks in the car and I get a little crazy :)

  11. I love the nekkid playing pic! lol. Now that is a good idea - lucky for him, you don't live in MN. ha!

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today!

  12. oh my - that bare arse is hilarious

  13. I love the naked butt picture!!

  14. Woohoo Jack, so proud of ya!!!


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