Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's up with that?

Doesn't this look like the perfect start to summer? Sunny skies, blue water and warm happy kids...

Opps...that was the wrong photo. That was taken in JANUARY!

This is what our start to summer looks like:
(Those little black specs in the water are surfers patiently waiting for a wave. They didn't seem to mind the gray skies.)

Crazy June gloom in Southern California! What's up with that?

In way more exciting news...Denise and Emma of There's Always Room for One More are coming to visit...THIS WEEK! I'm so excited!

I've never met another blom (blogging mom) in real life. And when we decided to do it, we decided to do it big...Denise and her youngest is flying 1357 miles to stay with my family for 4 days this week! I'm so excited! (Oh, did I already mention that?)


  1. It's cold and rainy on the East Coast too. Boo. Have yet to hit the beach and it's practically the 4th of July! How exciting to meet your first Bloggy Friend! You'll have to post pictures!

  2. Are you SURE you didn't accidentally end up in Canada in June??? LOL

    WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on meeting Denise & precious Emma!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures of it too!

  3. Yeah..this weather sure is crazy!!!

    Oh, that sounds like so much will have to post lots of pics!
    Have a fantastic day..... :)

  4. I hope that sun peeks out from behind the clouds very soon for you all!

    How exciting that you are going to meet a blogging friend...that is just so cool!

  5. We've had lots of rain and gloom, too...but it's looking up! The beach pics still look like a good time! Sounds like you've have some great plans ahead though! THat's awesome! Can't wait to hear about it!

  6. The beach looks so neat. My boys would love it. The older two have seen the beach one time and they did enjoy it. Your boys must have a ton of fun!

    enjoy your company, what a wonderful treat!

  7. Girl, the beach is the beach, cloudy or not. I can't wait to see you!!!

  8. Isn't it funny how this June gloom just makes it feel like Winter??
    That is so cool you get to meet your bloggy buddy, I have only talked to a couple on the phone.

  9. I'm so excited for you 2!! I can't wait to hear (read) all about it!!

    And Kristin and I told Denise it is her mission to sign you up on Facebook while she is there :)

  10. Wow!! I'm super jealous that you guys have that kind of weather in January, when we're stuck in freezing cold temps and snow!

    That is so exciting that you get to meet another blogging mom! What a big trip, I hope you all have tons of fun!

  11. Wow, I can't wait to read about your bloggy friend!!

  12. Oh my gosh, that's crazy! Why is it that it takes so long for summer to kick in?!!!

    I've missed you!!!

  13. Wow, your summer is looking like our winter!!! It is FREEEEZING here right now! Enjoy your summer and your visitors!

  14. ok mama.. I am BACK in the blog world!! I have been out of the loop, but I just redid my page, and posted a bunch of pics.. I want to grab all those buttons and whatnot you have mentioned to me.. buuuuut I am not quite sure how to do it.. so let me give it a try, and if I have any problems, I'll hit you up! =)

  15. I hear ya! The weather here has been the same. Can't make its mind up if it is spring or summer.

  16. you going to meet a blom in real life? how cool!

  17. That's awesome!! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time... and I hear Emma is good for blog fodder too. :-)

  18. That is very are getting to meet your favorite blogger. HOw fun for you. Enjoy your time with her.
    That weather is weird. Wow. I would never expect those skies for this time of year. Was it chilly too?


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