Saturday, June 20, 2009

Also, I am...

In my last post, I ran through a list of all the things I am. I should have added this:

I am a slacker.

Why? Well, you probably know why, my friends. I haven't read or commented on your blog. And I've barely posted on mine.

But I have two good excuses.
  1. It's Denise's fault. She is a bad influence.
  2. Facebook. It's an even worse influence that Denise.
See, Denise of There is Always Room for One More is visiting. We are having a great time and not left with much time during the day to blog. And at night I am beat! (That has more to do though with my, of late, poorly behaved boys...)

And this week I joined the wonderful addictive world of Facebook. I'm unsure if life will ever be the same.

But my blog will be the same...eventually.

I am...just taking a nap!


  1. :) I'm an active slacker... as in I slack all the time 24/7. :) It's a form of exercise I feel.

  2. It's that time of year. It just is. And enjoy your company!

  3. Why? Why? did you give in? You are lost forever. LOL
    I have an account, but don't hardly use it.
    Have you discovered anyone from your past past?

  4. Slacker is my middle name so I understand. Enjoy your time with Denise!

  5. How fun to have met a blogger in person!!!!!! Have fun! Oh..and I know..FB sucks you in!!!

  6. Unfortunately or shall I say fortunately, I'm not on Facebook yet!!

  7. I, for one, am very glad you joined facebook. Now I can bug you in two venues. I know what you mean about Denise, she distracts me too her and that little munchkin Emma...
    I really hope you had a wonderful sounds like so much fun!

  8. your going to have to treat your blog like you did when you had your second child. Make sure you treat them THE SAME!
    Crackbook, I mean Facebook makes it harder to post on the blog but you have to step away from the "Which Sex Position Fits You Best Quiz" (do people really take those nasty quizzes?) and work on your blog!!


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