Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Not me!" Monday - The day I should have stayed in bed

If I had known how my day was NOT going to turn out, I would have stayed in bed all day...

I did NOT have to negotiate several early morning tantrums from both Jack and Logan.

I did NOT have to sing old Girl Scout camp songs at the top of my lungs to drown out and distract the boys from fighting with each other the whole way to school.

I did NOT tell the preschool director when I dropped the boys off "It's a good thing they are yours for the next three hours because nothing good can come from me spending more time with them right now!"

I did NOT have to come back and pick Jack up from school 10 minutes after I dropped him off because he shouted, "Come on, let's pull his hair!" to his school friends about another (non-student) on the playground.

I did NOT load my kids into the grocery store cart only to realize that I didn't have my grocery list. I did NOT unload them from the cart, load them into the car, go home, get the list and do it all over again.

I did NOT still forget to buy items I needed from the store.

I did NOT spill a tray of cupcake batter in their papers all over the floor.

I did NOT try to bribe Logan to stay out of the kitchen and away from the mess with a TV show.

When I went to turn on the TV, I did NOT find stickers covering it.

I did NOT step in the cupcake batter while being distracted by Logan throwing a tantrum because I was trying to discipline him and Jack for covering the TV in stickers.

I did NOT over fill the remaining cupcake papers so that the cupcakes spilled over and cooked into one enormous muffin top.

I did NOT convince Scott to bring home Taco Bell for dinner because I could not handle the stress of dinner.

I did NOT realize at 10:30 PM that I didn't have any balloons...balloons that I needed to blow up and fill the boys' room with while they slept for Logan's birthday the next morning.

I did NOT drag myself to the store to buy overpriced yet cheaply made balloons that popped way too easy at 10:30 PM.

I did NOT finally go to bed after 1 AM only to be awoken 10 minutes later by one of the boys. (I was so tired that I do NOT not even remember which boy.)

Keep in mind that this did NOT all happen on one day.

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  1. Oh, Carey...I feel bad...because I've never experienced those things in my life! LOL! The birthday pics were so cute and one would ever know the trouble you went through to produce Logan's sweet smiles! What a great mom! It was all worth it, right? {maybe not the tantrums and possible hair pulling! haha!} Hope you have a great day today!!!

  2. oh no! we all have days like those, but they are NO fun when youre having one!

  3. Okay...after reading all that, I feel like I need to take a nap!!!!!!!! LOL..or at least go to bed now!

  4. you are hilarious! gotta love throwing birthday parties. I have NEVER gone through anything REMOTELY like that before!

  5. Whew! You're right...going back to bed would have been the best option. That's a definite "do-over" day if I ever heard one.

  6. Wow, quite a week, quite a day. At least you can still drop your kids off for a few hours, my little ones are done with school.

  7. Oh bless you. If you still have your hair after this day you're amazing! That's exhausting just reading about. I won't laugh because I've seen the glint in my son's eye. I know what's coming. But balloons in their room on their birthday is something I'll have to file away, that's so fun!

  8. Holy Moly my friend. When it rains it pours. Yikes. That was one fine day! So sorry, I mean sheesh it could have been spread out over a few days atleast. I so can relate to the shopping list and forgetting items. Mom Brain for sure.

  9. All in ONE day!?! I can't even figure out what to say. I don't even like Taco Bell and I would have eaten it on a day like that.

  10. It sounds like you had a heck of a day! I hope the birthday boy had a great day.

  11. well at least it didn't all happen in the same day, right??

    you were in front of me on sits roll call so I wanted to stop by and say hello!

  12. It Did Not Sound Like an Enjoyable Day, no somedays...

  13. Oh my what a day you had! I hate having those kind of days! I always seem to forget something at the grocery store, even if I have a list. And this afternoon, I was unloading groceries, I found something I ment to put back, and so not only did I buy it, but I didn't use my $1.00 coupon I had for it.

  14. laughing to hard to write....have fun camping..

    I've done all that...

  15. Oh I have had days like that... and I swear they just suck the life right out of you. I think I would have stayed in bed too!


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