Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Summer Survival - Painted Nature

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Tuesday's Tips for Summer Survival (TTSS) is a weekly carnival to help mamas survive the long summer days. The goal is to share kid-friendly tips so we can end up on the other side of this summer with what little sanity we had when we started.
Painted Nature:

This weekend we were camping with my parents. As usual, my mom brought along an activity to keep the boys entertained. Paints, brushes and little boxes with handles was all it took for the boys to have their own portable treasure chests which were in time filled with a feather, bark, flowers, rocks, a dreidel and a guitar pick (all treasures found at the camp site).

Once they were done painting their boxes, the boys moved on to some readily available and bountiful

They both spent quite a bit of time painting rock after rock. And once we got home, they layered on markers and stickers over the paint. Throw on some googly eyes and you've got a pet rock. Logan named his Rocky. (Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of Rocky before he went to bed with Logan.)

(For cheap and easy smocks, buy t-shirts in a size or two too big.)

Here are a couple of other ideas with paint and found nature:
Paint on a leaf or flower and "stamp" it on to a piece of paper.
Paint some bark or an acorn or pinecone.

I will definitely be pulling out the paints again for the boys this summer and encouraging them to paint on some nature. I was surprised at how much time they spent painting the rocks.


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  1. I love painting rocks :)your boys are SO cute!

  2. That will definitely keep kids busy for a while!

  3. I can't participate yet. Our summer vacation doesn't start until tomorrow! THEN WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Your Mom is fabulous! They could paint rocks all day long and you could use them to decorate a flower bed or something. Love this idea. What kind of paint did they use?

  5. That was a great idea! Painting little things like that is so therapuetic! Great pics! Camping is a great idea too! We love to camp in our know...we go really rustic! LOL!

  6. I want to camp! My boys have treasure boxes that the painted and they love them! But I do have to look in them every now and then to make sure nothing is being kept as a 'pet'
    Great ideas! Thanks!

  7. How fun. My kids would totally love that. I soooo meant to do a linky post but I got too busy watching LOST Season 1 Episodes 16-20 and The Amazing Race, Season 2. My life is tv, or DVD that is.

  8. Oh how fun! We have some great painted rocks from summers gone by:)

  9. My kids love painting and I LOVE the idea of outside painting. It's a win-win! Thanks for the idea.

  10. You always come up with great ideas for your kids. What a great mom you make.

  11. oh crud, i linked the blog and not the activities! hopefully readers will scroll down, yikes!

  12. Hello,
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    1. Hi,
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  13. Wonderful idea, I will share it on my site.

  14. Obviously a lot of fun, gotta try this with my children.

  15. And who's gonna wash these t-shirts arfterwards?

  16. So where can you buy all this stuff?


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