Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Packing the packpack

The last couple of times we've taken a little trip I've let the boys pack their own toys. They each have a small backpack (or packpack as Logan calls it) and at the mere mention of a trip they are off to fill them up.

I give the boys no directions other than to include a stuffed animal. So, when we get wherever we are going, I am always interested to see what they have brought along.

This time, once we got to Nana and Grandad's house I decided to photograph the contents of their bags.

Here is what Jack (age 4) considers essential on a trip:
  • Nutmeg (the mangy stuffed cat)
  • drawing for his grandparents
  • cell phone (that no longer works)
  • checkers
  • candy picked up on his last road trip (I had no idea he even had any left)
  • Bakugan marble and magnetic cards

Here is what Logan (age 3) thinks are must haves on a trip:
  • stuffed dog
  • pliers
  • extra long screw
  • 2 cars and 1 helicopter
  • headphones (that don't plug in to anything)

You never know what you'll need when you're 3 or 4...


  1. That is so cute! I love how you let them pick what they wanted to bring!!!

  2. That is super sweet..I love their little stuffed animals :) And the pliers and headphones crack me up! Love their choices! Probably at any given time you might find those things in my purse too...that could be a post for sure! LOL!

  3. That looks just like my kids bags when I tell them to get stuff to entertain themselves because we will be somewhere they need to be quiet. LOL
    I love it. You just never know when you will need those headphones that plug into nothing. LOL

  4. This is super cute!! Love their picks especially the headphones!!

  5. it's kind of like if I dumped my purse out and you would see a broken hair clip, a game boy game that doesn't work, an extra house key to my brother in laws house 500 miles away and of course 17 different lip glosses(you know just in case!)

    My daughter also has the broken cell phone that she carries in her purse!

    It's all treasures no matter how old we are, RIGHT?

  6. I love this and you never know what they might need.

  7. Man, that is HILARIOUS. That's part of what makes kids so dang fun, huh?

    Funny, funny stuff right there!

  8. Your adorable lads are very well prepared for whatever comes their way!

  9. Those are some pretty smart travelers there! I would take a stuff animal too, if it didn't look so strange. ;o)

  10. RAZZLES! like from 13 going on 30! I need some razzles

  11. So adorable. We got so many old cell phones, my kids only talk to each other while holding one up to their ear. On our trip this summer, my son was trying to plug headphones into any hole he could find in the airport. Gotta love these ages...

  12. They must have their reasons! I can't imagine what they are but I'm sure they knew what they were doing.


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