Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have you ever seen a grown woman do a happy dance over bread?

When I become a rich and famous celebrity I'm only going to do paid endorsements* on products I really like and use regularly. Luckily these two products would fit the bill because I already buy their brand weekly.

So I'm a bit late in saying it but September is Whole Grain Month. For our family it wasn't really a big deal because we eat whole grains throughout the whole year. Our sandwich bread of choice is Oroweat** 100% Whole Wheat bread. When Jack started school two years ago and sandwiches became a major lunch item, I tried out lots of whole grain bread. Most were rough or dry or hard. I went so far as to try and make my own sandwich bread but couldn't get it to slice thin enough. My quest was over after we tried Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat. I buy a loaf every week.

Oroweat has two new products that they sent me to try.

Have you ever seen a grown woman do a happy dance over bread? Yea, it's a little pathetic but here is why I was so excited when I heard about one of their new products. One of our regular dinners is homemade veggie burgers and my consistent problem is what to serve them on. Buns are way too thick and bready for my taste and I hate the fact that my kids are getting way more bread than veggie burger.

So every time I make veggie burgers I cut my sandwich bread (Oroweat 100% Whole Grain) into rounds. I get one round per slice of bread. It's the perfect bread/veggie burger ratio in my mind.

The one problem? I'm left with this:And I hate waste.

But then I found out about Oroweat Sandwich Thins. (Envision me doing the happy dance!) Seriously, it is the perfect solution.
Round? Check!
Not too thick? Check!
100% whole wheat? Check!
No high fructose corn syrup? Check!

I love it when a reoccurring problem gets solved! I haven't made the veggie burgers on them yet but we did give them a test run for grilled cheese sandwiches. YUM! Besides burgers and sandwiches, these would also be great for a paninis.

And I needed a quick and easy dinner tonight and I thought, "Why not use the sandwich thins to make mini pizzas for the boys?" They gobbled them up!
The second new product from Oroweat is their Dutch Country 100% Whole Wheat bread. Quite honestly, I couldn't tell much difference between this bread and the Oroweat bread that I buy weekly...which is a good thing since I obviously like what I usually buy. The Dutch Country smelled and tasted like the standard 100% whole wheat but had a smoother springier texture. In that regard it seemed more like white bread. I'm not a food critic so I'm not sure how best to describe it other than to say that it was good.

I guess we are an Oroweat family because I like their old stuff and their new stuff. I'd definitely recommend them, especially if you don't think you'll like whole grain bread but want to make the switch for health reasons.

Now, who wants to buy me a panini press for Christmas?

*This wasn't a paid endorsement, though I did get some dough...I mean bread. ;)
**West of the Mississippi the brand is called Oroweat. Over the river it's called Arnold.


  1. We always buy wheat too! And now that I've seen this post, I'm craving for pizza and a salad!!!

  2. Funny, I'm looking at the bread and am wondering what you are drinking, or smoking for that matter, because the label clearly says Arnold and not that other funny name you mentioned that I have never heard of! AhA!!! I'm on the other side of the river, so that might explain it too! I haven't had these yet, but my friends love them!

  3. I tried these the other day at my mother in laws and I loved them.

  4. Those round look so cool. That would be perfect for the kids lunches too. They hate crust. Your cooking looks delish BTW. I need some food now.

  5. We discovered the rounds this summer too..and that is all my kids want anymore...which is waste, and they are yummy!

  6. HOW COOL! I haven't seen those. Mini pizzas, how clever. I doubt our little grocery store will get these but I'll keep my eye open.

  7. I'm getting those the NEXT time i go to the store. They're perfect!

  8. I LOVE the Arnold's Sandwich thins. They are so good.

  9. Those look delicious! I need to try those, those would be perfect for my kids! Thanks for sharing, great ideas! I would love to see your dance...haha!

  10. Calorie wise the sandwich things are a dream for a dieter!! I lurve them!

  11. Oh I will have to look for these. I agree about too much bun. But these would be perfect for so many types of sandwichy type things. Allow me to join you in your happy dance (shake, shake, sway sway, shake)

  12. Mmmm, this looks good! Im gonna try this.

  13. I didn't know it was the same as Arnold. We have Arnold. I'll have to look for those. They grilled up so pretty for your grilled cheese sandwiches!

  14. I love Orowheat but haven't tried these yet...Also on my list of things to try is the V8 fusion yogurt drinks you make for your boys (yes, I just found your reviews site...)

    adding them all to my grocery list now...

  15. Thanks for sharing such delicious recipe here. It is looking good too in images. I will try to make it. It is really nice site and I will visit it in future too.


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