Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A box (and a day) of love

I recently celebrated my...um, 25th birthday, again. You may remember that was a complete slacker for Scott's birthday. The poor guy had to make his own birthday treat and buy and wrap and hide his own birthday present. So I was really, really hoping that Scott would be a total slacker to relieve a bit of my guilt.

No such luck...

The night before we went out to a grown-up meal. Of course, we took the two boys with us but it was at a nice non-chain restaurant. I even put on clean clothes which clearly signifies how nice the restaurant was.

The morning of my actual birthday started with love...lots of love. Jack had decided that he wanted to get me "love" for my birthday. There were lots of kisses and "I love you"s. Scott helped the boys put together a box of love which consisted of lots of drawings, a couple of gifts and a song by Jack (written down by Scott).

Here are the lyrics:
Mama, I love you...really much.
I love you in the springs
and even in the afternoons.
I love you everywhere we go together.

Jack had memorized his song and sang it to me several times.

We spent the morning at the pool and then had an unexpected visit to the doctor's office (for a weird bump on Logan's thumb). I, of course, told the boys that the doctor's visit was no big deal...she was just going to look at Logan's thumb.

"Shots, mama?"
"No. Definately no need for shots today, my dears."

After the doctor inspects Logan's thumb (which was completely fine) she excitedly says, "We just got our shipment of flu shots in this morning! Want some?"

"Um...sorry boys! I guess I lied. Yes, doctor, we'll take two."

The last minute doctor's appointment (during nap time) and the surprise shots left the boys in bad moods. They perked up a bit after a late nap and getting to work on my very unusual birthday cake with Scott.

This is a recipe that Jack invented and called "Chocolate Syrup Banana Ice Cream Cake." Oddly enough, there was no chocolate syrup or bananas. There were, however, graham crackers, triple chocolate fudge cake, mini fruit-flavored marshmellows, chocolate frosting, nuts, jumbo chocolate chips, cookies and cream ice cream and sprinkles. Only a 4 year old boy could invent such a conncotion!

After Scott picked up one of my favorites for dinner, Chipotle, we dug into the cake which was actually really good but seriously rich!

Then I was treated to a concert from all the of my boys. Scott on guitar while Jack and Logan took turns seranading me. So sweet...

These videos are each really short but pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.

Jack's original birthday song (and no, he can't read but it looks like he is):

Logan playing the guitar and some impromptu singing (try as you might, you can't ignore Jack talking throughout):

Jack needs to get some 'privacy' to help him think of the words:

An impromptu birthday song by Jack:


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    That cake looks so good!! Seriously my birthday is Feb 8 can you send me one, lol

  2. Jack sounds like Mason Jennings....I see a star!

  3. WOW. really impressive singing!

  4. That is the most adorable thing ever! WOW...now that's a cake! thanks for sharing their performances with us...hope Jack had some time to think his lyrics over...and has another show for us! Happy Birthday! What 3 sweethearts you have!

  5. Happy Birthday, 25 I thought you were 19, :) what a wonderful family you have

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    That cake looks amazing.

  7. Happy Birthday Carey! LOL he needs more privacy to think of the words. He is so cute. What a special day.

  8. Oh Happy Happy Birthday! Don't worry I sing to you. I don't want your ears bleeding. The songs are great. I think you might have a songwriter on your hands.=)

  9. Happy Birthday, Carrie! I love the pics and the cake looks yummy.

  10. Wow that cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday and how sweet their gifts are!

  11. How sweet!! The cake looks good and made with love. Hope you had a nice day!

  12. Carey...HBppy Birthday Chick!

    Here is my philosophy...if it has chocolate over it, in it or around it...it will be GREAT!

    Sweet boys you have!!!

  13. Such performers, your boys!! What sweet dolls... :)

    Sounds like you had a great day. Cheers to you!

  14. Happy Birthday, Carey!! You have such a sweet family.

  15. OH man, that cake looks decadent!!

    And your boys are so cute!!! Love their spunk!!

    Finally...your husband looks like he's so laid back!!!! Love it!

  16. So nice to see you had a great birthday! I wish we could get our kids and husbands together. We do the same thing with the guitar, except, my kid likes to use a microphone and sing as loud as possible. It's very cute. We could make quite a band!!! I scheduled the flu shot for next Thursday. She's already crying about it. She had to have 4 vaccines at the last annual. I'm not sure how I am going to get her through 2 flu shots plus 2 swine flu shots. I see lots of bribing in my future. :)

  17. (as I'm wiping the tears from my eyes) Oh my word!! Those last 2 vidoes were THE SWEETEST thing I've ever seen. These will be cherished by you forever. You can never have a better birthday than this :)

  18. I love your blog all over again each time I read one of your posts. I just love your family!!!

    They are quite possibly the sweetest boys ever... and yes, as a mom of two boys, I know they may not always be this sweet, there are times when we want to velcro them to the ceiling.... (It gets better with age, thank goodness something does!)

  19. A very belated but happy 25th ;) birthday to you!! I can't get over that cake. Love the name despite the lack of those certain ingredients. That's just too funny! Super fabulous videos. Definitely made me smile ear to ear. Such a gorgeous family!


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