Monday, September 7, 2009


Jack is a competitive kid by nature. He always wants to race or play a game. For awhile, Candyland was his game of choice. And every time we saw him carting that big candyrific box around we inwardly give a little sigh. (It is not the most interesting game.)

We recently went on a trip with Scott's side of the family...there are 25 of us in all. Jack, of course, brought Candyland because there were lots and lots of potential players.

I wanted to get a picture of all the games that happened but, sadly, I couldn't. Here are just a few of the match-ups:
Blake, Amanda and Jack (with Logan observing)

Amanda, Drew and Jack

Grandmama and Jack (with Logan observing)

Shortly after that trip, Jack and Scott had a special day out. They first stopped at a store to buy checkers before heading to the pier to play a couple games, have lunch and ride some rides. Checkers is now Jack's game of choice.

This past weekend, we went to my parents' house. Though there are certainly not as many potential competitors, Jack did manage to get in games with me, Scott, Nana and Granddad...multiple times.
Jack and Granddad

Nana and Jack
The kid is pretty good.

On the last day of our trip, Scott taught Jack tic-tac-toe. He played it for several hours on the way home in the car with either Scott or I. Let's just say that it was a long, long drive...

I have to admit that I don't like playing games. I never have. So it seems strange to me that my oldest would love it so. But he does... And because of that I'm (nearly) always up for a game with Jack. And now wondering what the next game on the horizon is...


  1. you have no choice but to play them! I love board games! Ever since I was little, our parents always bought us different ones!!

  2. Loved them as a child, still do, but it seems like with each year, they take more energy and initiative to play... hmmmm....! :o)

  3. I'm not a big fan of board games but I love Pictionary and Reversi. Nowadays, I play reversi online.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and being a voice for Lavender! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

    God bless.


  5. Hi Ho Cherry O!
    Zingo -- like bingo with pictures but fast paced
    Monopoly Jr. --you get to buy rides and hot dog stands and charge people for landing in front of your cotton candy booth... best part is it doesn't go on and on an on!
    The Picnic game by eBoo -- you set up your picnic blanket with goodies and spin the wheel... no one can take any goodies until they have spun, and landed on a plate. Once you have a plate you can begin to pile up your food!

    chess... Just kidding... haven't a clue how to play !!!!

  6. That's great! I like games, but don't make as much time as I used to with the kids...we used to play a game every night before bed, now it's just too busy! So funny...he's so cute :)

  7. We love games too. My 4 y.o. has figured out how to stack the cards in his favor. He "shuffles" the cards and somehow Queen Frostine is the first card. He makes sure he's first...imagine our surprise when his gingerbread man finishes first. Good times.

  8. Ahhh, the joys of CandyLand. Ugh! Yeah, I can pass on that one and shoots and ladders if at all possible. There are some cute kids games out there though. And for me, I sure like Cranium!!! Cranium even has some kids games out there that are pretty great!

  9. Don't forget Chutes and Ladders!!!

  10. K is the exact same way. All he wants to do ALL DAY LONG is play board games. He has a few that he loves and I don't mind playing once but he wants to play CONSTANTLY. When he goes to his grandparents houses all they do is play games also. I am constantly buying new games because I keep getting tired of the ones he loves! But I recently bought "Shut the box" a game that's perfect for him because he loves math - and perfect for me because it's a one player game!!!!!!

  11. Your little boys sounds so cute, my boys love games too. I am with you, not a game player.

  12. I would play Candyland with him any day...checkers however...not going to happen. Some kids just love games, don't they? Glad he had fun!

  13. oh man, my family is filled with "gamers"!!

    how about connect four?? that's a good one that you never grow out of... :)

  14. I need to babysit for him! I love, love, love playing games!!!

  15. I used to love the game, "Candyland" but for some reason, that game would make me soooo hungry for sweets :)

  16. The only games my kids really dug was Memory with the little cards that you match. At one point we probably had about 20 different versions, from Pokemon, to Old McDonald. That's a game that I found kind of fun, but Candyland, ugh!

  17. My kind of kid. I love me some board games. Fun fun fun! Stunt Man loves them too. Good for him. He is a little smart cookie!


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