Friday, September 11, 2009

The Country Fair

I live in a big city. Actually, a ginormous city. But I long for a smaller town...with country fairs and wide open spaces. With fresh air and safer neighborhoods. With less traffic and more quiet. With a sense of community where you actually know your neighbors' names and kids can play on their street.

So when I read that Chili Pepper over at Art's Chili is hosting a country fair, I was instantly drawn to the idea.

Starting September 14 (and running through October 7), bloggers can write their own post to participate in a bloggers' country fair.

You photograph your sewing, canning, painting, drawing, photography, baking, building, scrapbooking, needlepoint, knitting, cross stitching, etc...masterpiece and post it on your blog. You can explain your entry with some journaling or just put up your picture.

Then you can link your post on Chili Pepper's blog hop post and head over to other bloggers to see their entries. Everyone who links up will be entered to win prizes.

I have no idea what I'm going to make for the fair. Heck, I've never even been to a fair so I think a little investigative work is in order. But my local fair is out of the question. If you want a good laugh, take a look at these 30 second commercials for the fair where I live. I think you can understand why I might want to move.
And trust me...the commericals are worth seeing. I think they might be the funniest videos I've ever seen because they are supposed to be a parody but are very true to life.

Hope to see you at the bloggers' country fair!


  1. Some day you'll have to come here for our fair it is a small town big fair deal-we love it and live really close you guys can walk over, go to the big parade and watch fireworks we'll truly have a blast! Start planning for a year or 2 from now we'll have a guest room for you, you can even help feed turkeys or harvest the garden or climb mountains :)

  2. What a novel idea...the county fair. I love fairs as well...nothing better.

  3. We have alot of festivals, fairs, and live music in the burbs of LA to get that hometown vibe, but being a big city girl too, I can relate.
    I would love to do this and will link up for sure. Thanks so much, Carey.

  4. Oh my gosh....those were HILARIOUS and so true!!! I don't even know which one I like the best because it's all so true!!! LOL!!!

  5. That sounds like fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Oh my stars! Those are hysterical. You did a great job on your post here... I can't wait to see your entry. Thanks for helping to spread the word.


  7. I am not crafty, but I cannot wait to see everyone else's posts.

  8. OK so are the people REALLY like that? If so, that's funny and all so sad at the same time.

    I don't blame you for wanting to move :)

  9. OMG. Those were so bad. Who thought that would make LA want to go to the Fair? Very sad. Our Tucson fair is a big deal. Definitely a small town feel. The Phoenix Fair was a big deal when I was growing up. Now I might be scared to go to it. My Mom made me enter artwork every year. It was fun to get ribbons and go see what everyone was making.

  10. These are absolutely the funniest!
    Thanks for sharing...I think I like the shopping one the most. ☺
    ♥Hope...friend of Kat's at Art's Chili

  11. I'm totally doing this. I've been canning tomatoes out the wazoo!


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