Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reading Aloud...

Right after Jack was born, someone gave me The Read-Aloud Handbook.
It is an amazing resource for parents who love to read and want to do so with their children.  This year I've started reading chapter books to the boys.  Logan loves to hear them as he goes to sleep at night.  I'm thinking that reading at meal-time or on a long car trip would also be great because they'd be more attentive than at bedtime.

Here are the books we've read this year:
And Jack is reading Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid to me!  It's very slow going but I love hearing his voice finally read me a story.

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  1. I love The Read Aloud Handbook and recommend it to every parent now :)

    I read as soon as I put the baby down for a nap....they can color or draw or play with legos, but i tell them it's important to me, so we have to listen! :) they enjoy it once we get a few chapters into a new book.

    We've tried a few books on cd in the car, but the best so far-they love-Nate the Great books...they're short (30 min) stories perfect for trips around town. I can't wait for a long road trip where we can get into a longer story though, but their attention needs to be built up a bit to listen to longer stuff....


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